The Greatness Of Terrible Voice Acting

The AV Club's newly-relaunched games section, the Gameological Society, explores one of the greatest single examples of voice-over work in the history of the industry: Last Stand, a shooter for the TurboGrafx-16. A game renowned the world over for just how shitty its localisation work was, just about everything that could go wrong does go wrong, with bad lip-syncing, bad writing and even worse voice acting.

For a less whimsical look at the game's horror, check out some more raw footage.

THE GREAT PERFORMANCES [The Gameological Society]


    Okay, funny video.
    "Megaman 2? /suggestivetone /raisedeyebrow"

    I usually roll my eyes at the Plunkett bashing that goes on (que sera, sera etc), but the game showcased in this video is Last Alert. Not Last Stand. Getting the name of the TITLE of the game you wish to showcase is about as fundamental an error as you can get, surely...

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