The Guild Wars 2 Collector's Edition Is That Much More Enticing When Set To Music

Perhaps a mere picture of the Guild Wars 2 collector's edition wasn't enough for you. Perhaps early access and name reservation isn't your thing. No, that's not it. You just haven't seen it in video form with a dramatic score. Prepare yourself.

Guild Wars 2 pre-purchase begins tomorrow, giving gamers all around the world (well, Europe and the U.S.) a chance to officially pick their pre-release poison. This handsome collector's edition is one of the offerings going up on the block, packed with $US50 worth of game and another $US99 in sexy swag you'll cherish until eventually tossing it into a box or trying to offload it on eBay. "GUILD WARS 2 COLLECTORS RYTLOCK FIGURE RARE" your auction will say, and you'll be humming the tune from the video as you post it.

You will get $US15 for it.


    Do Australians get to purchase from the Guild Wars 2 website or do we have to go through EB games? So excited - I logged far too much time into the first game. I just hope Australia isn't neglected as there was quite a large community in the first game.

      If I recall correctly, it is an EBGames exclusive product (the collector's edition that is) and you can only purchase the collector's edition from physical stores.

        You can certainly purchase the CE from the site, whether or not they're going to change it to reflect the pre purchase extras i have no idea.

          you cannot pre-purchase or pre-order the CE directly from Anet. You can pre-order the CE from EBgames website, but I think for pre-purchase you may have to go in person to an EBgames store.

    The word is that Guild Wars 2 fans have crashed the website in anticipation of the pre-purchase which goes live in one hour (5 pm EST). I most likely didn't help the situation.

    I really want this CE but I was not expecting that price. I can't remember ever seeing a CE for any game that expensive! Probably still buy it though :|

    So I can only get the CE edition if i go thru EB game? Last time I pre-orded a CE thru ED games it was Guild Wars factions and somehow my BETA weekend access code was "Lost." I HATE dealing with EB games. Why can't they offer CE from their site?

    EB is going to charge you a packet. I think its over $200RRP

    Can Australians buy the prepurchase through GW2 site or do they have to buy it through EBgames?

    I hope they can add in AU/NZ Servers

    Yeah, it looks like EB have exclusive access to the Collector's Edition in Australia. OR: you can pay $70 now for the digital deluxe version, and buy the physical goods for $50 on eBay come launch.

    I'm a bit apprehensive about the EB Games pre-order, but I'm always paranoid with these things when it comes to buying through a middle-man. The info I got from them so far is:

    1) Despite the EB Games website only having you pay a portion of the overall CE price ($50) until box pickup, those that pre-order this way (as opposed to pre-purchase) are still to get the pre-purchase codes.

    2) Pre-purchase codes should be getting sent out on April 16 (so may come in a day or so later depending on store).

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