The Guild Wars 2 Collector’s Edition Is That Much More Enticing When Set To Music

The Guild Wars 2 Collector’s Edition Is That Much More Enticing When Set To Music

Perhaps a mere picture of the Guild Wars 2 collector’s edition wasn’t enough for you. Perhaps early access and name reservation isn’t your thing. No, that’s not it. You just haven’t seen it in video form with a dramatic score. Prepare yourself.

Guild Wars 2 pre-purchase begins tomorrow, giving gamers all around the world (well, Europe and the U.S.) a chance to officially pick their pre-release poison. This handsome collector’s edition is one of the offerings going up on the block, packed with $US50 worth of game and another $US99 in sexy swag you’ll cherish until eventually tossing it into a box or trying to offload it on eBay. “GUILD WARS 2 COLLECTORS RYTLOCK FIGURE RARE” your auction will say, and you’ll be humming the tune from the video as you post it.

You will get $US15 for it.


  • Do Australians get to purchase from the Guild Wars 2 website or do we have to go through EB games? So excited – I logged far too much time into the first game. I just hope Australia isn’t neglected as there was quite a large community in the first game.

    • If I recall correctly, it is an EBGames exclusive product (the collector’s edition that is) and you can only purchase the collector’s edition from physical stores.

      • You can certainly purchase the CE from the site, whether or not they’re going to change it to reflect the pre purchase extras i have no idea.

        • you cannot pre-purchase or pre-order the CE directly from Anet. You can pre-order the CE from EBgames website, but I think for pre-purchase you may have to go in person to an EBgames store.

  • The word is that Guild Wars 2 fans have crashed the website in anticipation of the pre-purchase which goes live in one hour (5 pm EST). I most likely didn’t help the situation.

  • I really want this CE but I was not expecting that price. I can’t remember ever seeing a CE for any game that expensive! Probably still buy it though 😐

  • So I can only get the CE edition if i go thru EB game? Last time I pre-orded a CE thru ED games it was Guild Wars factions and somehow my BETA weekend access code was “Lost.” I HATE dealing with EB games. Why can’t they offer CE from their site?

  • Can Australians buy the prepurchase through GW2 site or do they have to buy it through EBgames?

    I hope they can add in AU/NZ Servers

  • Yeah, it looks like EB have exclusive access to the Collector’s Edition in Australia. OR: you can pay $70 now for the digital deluxe version, and buy the physical goods for $50 on eBay come launch.

  • I’m a bit apprehensive about the EB Games pre-order, but I’m always paranoid with these things when it comes to buying through a middle-man. The info I got from them so far is:

    1) Despite the EB Games website only having you pay a portion of the overall CE price ($50) until box pickup, those that pre-order this way (as opposed to pre-purchase) are still to get the pre-purchase codes.

    2) Pre-purchase codes should be getting sent out on April 16 (so may come in a day or so later depending on store).

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