The Incredible Mass Effect Cosplayers Of PAX East 2012

If you went to the PAX East convention in Boston, this past weekend, you would have thought that Mass Effect was the biggest video game on the planet. Mass Effect cosplayers were everywhere, and so many of them were amazing.

For starters, there was the guy who shows up as the Krogan warrior Grunt. I shot a video of him. Go ahead and watch him do his thing in the video above. Cool, huh?

I found Grunt at the PAX East BioWare lounge on Saturday, where Mass Effect super-fans of all tastes showed up. (You'll see some Dragon Age devotees in the background, too.)

Click the images to expand them.

I found a Liara T'Soni there.

Here's a Tali'Zorah nar Rayya, who didn't want to be photographed without her gun. (I love the feet!)

Thane Krios was a total badass. And see who that is in the background?

I had met this extraordinary Mordin Solus a day earlier at a BioWare panel. Stunning work.

Mordin was a few feet away from a female Commander Shepard, who was flanked by Dragon Age cosplayers.

There were so many great cosplayers at the BioWare panel, I thought it would be cool to get at least half of them in one big shot.

Before PAX East, I'd seen lots of Commander Shepards before. The aliens were new to me, a wonderful sight one and all.

I guess I should have expected PAX East to be a Mass Effect cosplay extravaganza considering who I met on day one, as soon as I walked through the door, the face model for Mass Effect's Samara and Morinth.


    That first one is Samara, not Liara, I believe. :)

    Thirded. Samara. Covered by a non-fan half-researching.

    "... considering who I met on day one, as soon as I walked through the door, the face model for Mass Effect‘s Samara and Morinth."

    Wait, you met the Samara model, who was fully costumed up, and STILL captioned Samara as Liara?!

    SAME DAMN COSTUME DUDE! *facepalm*

    That's a fairly large Fem Shep there on the left of that last pic....

    just sayin...

      So..? Just because she is bigger doesnt mean she shouldn't be able to cosplay her beloved character.

    Well the whole "that's Samara, not Liara" thing has already been covered, so I just want to say DAMN that Mordin is excellent.

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