The Legend Of Zelda: The Movie (Posters)

Mercifully, The Legend of Zelda series has never the opportunity to be ruined by Hollywood. Perhaps in celebration of this (or maybe just because he thought it would look cool), artist Marinko Milosevski has drawn these posters.

There's one for Ocarina, one for Majora's Mask and one for Wind Waker. And at the site below, some bonus pieces from Metroid. Enjoy!

The Legend of Zelda [Marinko Illustration]



      Thought the same at first, but then I clicked on them. Making sure you didn't make the same mistake. :P
      Kinda annoying when Kotaku does that.

        nah i looked at them.. still meh. Very easy photoshop job, when they say "sometimes simple yet effective" it's not one of these times.. it's not enough.

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