The Legend Of Zelda: The Musical

With the exception of Team America and possibly Aladdin, I can't think of a single musical I've legitimately enjoyed, but this musical reworking of Zelda is a little bit spiffy. Also: you get to watch Zelda and Malon fight over Link, which is pretty much every male Zelda fan's bizarre dream come true. Yeah, it gets a bit weird...

It's a really nicely put together video — really enjoyed it. And apparently they're working on an alternate ending, no need for a petition! There's also a pretty neat behind the scenes video as well.


    You didn't like "The Blues Brothers"? Best musical ever. Probably my favourite movie ever as well.

      The Band? THE BAND! Seriously, one of the best movies I've ever seen.

    Check out Jerry Springer: The Musical! Written by Stewart Lee, and as satirical and intelligent as it comes.
    Please, theatre gods, let The Book of Mormon play in Australia!

    1:40 to 2:08 in particular was just epic. Someone needs to make a serious full-length musical of this. (Though the humour was pretty awesome in this one).

    Moulin Rouge is amazing.
    Cannibal: The Musical is awesome.
    Sweeny Todd is spactacular.
    The Nightmare Before Christmas was quite rad also.

    But yes, this too was awesome.

      +1 for Cannibal! "It's a spadoincally day" is about the most hummable tune of all time. Trey and Matt can write some cool tunes when it strikes them. Book of Mormon, anyone?

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