The Most Amazing Portal, Halo And Metal Gear Toys You'll Ever See

Toy company threeA held a signing and showcase event over the weekend in Hong Kong, and present at the show were our first good looks at the studio's upcoming Portal and Halo figures. We also get a look at their second Metal Gear effort as well, following on from the enormous Metal Gear Rex.

Halo Reach's Carter was there, in both painted and unpainted versions. Also there were Portal 2's co-op robots, both unpainted but still looking great. And rounding out the reveals was our first look at Metal Gear Ray, threeA's follow-up to Metal Gear Rex (which was also there, and showing off its light-up weaponry).



    I want that Atlas and P-Body.

      Hear hear! Shame it'll probably cost as muhc as the combined organs of [INSERT HOME TOWN HERE] like all other Valve figures :(

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