The Most Boring Part Of SimCity...Still Looks Pretty Boring

For everything right the SimCity series has done over the years, there's one thing I will never forgive them for: water. I hate it. It's boring, it's a pain in the arse, and while it might be "realistic" to expect "cities" to need "water", it was never fun laying all those pipes.

This clip shows how water works in the upcoming SimCity. It still looks like a giant pain in the arse.


    I, for one, was always a fan of this level of control.

    I loved sorting out plumbing networks and how to get the most efficient use out of hard pipes to promote zone growth.

    Wasn't that part of the fun?

      ...also, the interrelated nature of all these events (like ground pollution/water above) and fire spread in the GDC video looks AWESOME.

      Finally a good step up from 2000!

      It most certainly was part of the fun, the whole point of SimCity was, surprisingly enough, to simulate a city. With that comes the more tedious yet eye-opening tasks such as water distribution. If you took all those sorts of mechanics out you'd have a game where you build structures and every once in a while your structures get destroyed. *cough*

        You'll find this as funny as I did, then:

    Mustn't give in to flamebait.

    Completely disregarding the "article". I love the level of sim in this iteration of Simcity. It is increasing the complexity of the game whilst tying it to a visual and intuitive cue.

      Agreed. It IS called SIMcity and not ArcadeCity for a reason after all.

      Is Luke just a troll, or a really bad games journo?

        For disliking one aspect of a single game series, I'd say definite bad journalist.

    Unbiased journalism at its finest I see.

    For everything right the Kotaku website has done over the years, there’s one thing I will never forgive them for: Plunkett. I hate him. He’s boring, he's a pain in the arse, and while it might be “realistic” to expect “websites” to need “journalists”, it was never fun reading all those pipes he laid.

    This article shows how Plunkett works in the new mobile edition of Kotaku. He still reads like a giant pain in the arse.

      Fuck off. I'd like to see you do any better.

        This and if you don't like his work, don't open the links.

          Jeaus Christ, you guys need to get a sense of humour.

            It's not funny. It's author bashing. You're a troll.

            At first I thought you were being really offensive, then I realised you had simply replaced "water pipes" with "Luke Plunkett" (and SimCity with Kotaku).

    Luke, did you read the bit about how you WON'T have to lay pipe this time round as it will be included in the road " much like in real life" .

    Needs a wellthat'sjustlikeyouropinionman tag.

    Laying pipe is awesome.

    Not sure if others noticed, but that video had some elements that look like they were from SC Societies. I am hoping that nothing from that game is brought to this one. I hope it is a whole new edition of the game. For example, the images representing sick Sims look like that of Societies. At little too close for comfort.

    The more complexity the better as far as I'm concerned.

      Agreed. I think they should incorporate a bunch of previous Sim games into this one to create the ultimate management game. So you have to manage every building SimTower style, look after every citizen and pet like in The Sims, and govern every ant a la SimAnt, etc. It'd be awesome if you had to maintain every object in the city on a subatomic level too, but I doubt the technology is there yet.

    Who doesn't love laying the pipes... article fail!

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