The Most Expensive Property In World Of Warcraft Monopoly

The release of USAopoly's World of Warcraft Monopoly is just around the corner, so let's take an exclusive look at what's on the most expensive corner of the game board.

I showed you the money; I showed you what was in the cards. Now it's time to show you the priciest bits of real estate on Azeroth. No big surprise that Park Place and Boardwalk, the most coveted bits of the standard Monopoly board, would be substituted here for the Alliance capital of Stormwind and Horde capital of Orgrimmar. I was really pulling for Gnomeregan, but them's the break. Hopefully the irradiated Gnome city will show up in its proper green spot.

The only thing that could make these two pieces of property more expensive? Houses and hotels, or in this case, taverns and towers. Way to maintain the alliteration! Gives it that real Monopoly feel.

So now we know which properties to aim for, all that's left is to wait for the game to drop later in coming weeks.


    WHHHHAAAAAAT!? Stormwind is worth more than Orgrimmar! This is an outrage.

    I don't actually care. Just preempting the rage.

      Blizzard favor the horde confirmed.

        I think not.
        Orgrimmar was freshly rebuilt and Stormwind took severe Deathwing damage. Of course in their current states Org is worth more.

    For the Whored!

    We get paid in dollars (Collect $200) and have to pay for properties in gold?
    I sure hope the price of gold is equitable... particularly as the link for money indicates that they are worth US Dollars....

    Will I be able to buy 1000g for only $1.58 from Chinese farmers while playing? It won't seem very realistic if I can't. Also, if there's no Chuck Norris player piece...

    To prevent Horde/Alliance arguments, I would have used Shattrath and Dalaran.

      I don't think anyone is going to pay that much attention.

        You obviously dont know the WoW community that well, this will cause an outrage of EPIC proportions

        I don't think you've seen the official WoW forums recently.

      Haha! Shattrath isn't worth anywhere near 350g or 400g. It should be one of the crappy first properties.

    Fucking lazy. In the correct version of Monopoly (see: NOT AMERICAN) he most expensive properties are Mayfair and Park Lane. At least take the effort to correct the American bullshit.

      Well, it was written by an American pandering to an American audience. I don't know what you're expecting.

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