The Most Overfunded Kickstarter In History Isn't A Video Game, It's A Watch

This was a bit of a revelation for me — since I've grown to sort of naturally make the video game connection when thinking of Kickstarter — but the most overfunded Kickstarter is no longer Tim Schafer's Double Fine Adventure (which ended up raising over $3 million) it's a watch.

The Pebble watch is designed to connect via bluetooth to your smartphone and is infinitely customisable. It also looks cool. It has an incredible amount of interesting functions — it vibrates when your phone rings, can be used to control music, as a GPS thingy when cycling or jogging. You can even use it to predict range if you're playing golf.

Sounds interesting, right? Well, that's what everyone else thought, seemingly, since it has raised almost $5 million dollars, after asking for a relatively paltry $100,000.

Incredibly, it still has 30 days to go.

The Kickstarter blog also has a really cool feature which discusses all the other overfunded projects in Kickstarter history. The variety is truly incredible.


    Well this needs to be remedied.

    Get Obisidian to sign up for a Kickstarter and everyone get your wallets.

      Aren't Obsidian already involved though by collaborating on Wasteland 2?

        Yes they are, and they've already said they'll do their own Kickstarter after Wasteland 2.

    Do want

      Perhaps you might also like the Sony Ericsson LiveView or soon to be released Sony SmartWatch.

      Having said that, this device seems more attractive due to the ePaper display. Hopefully this will make it legible in most conditions.

        What sold me was the 7-day battery life - far more than the other OLED watches I looked at (not to mention, you don't have to touch it to turn the screen on & see the time).

    I have an old sony bluetooth watch that does call answer reject, stop, play, pause, volume, and has a lcd screen within the analogue fossil timepiece which displays the song playing or who's calling. Thing is they sold terribly and you can't get them anymore. I know sony have an android watch now which is might get too. Basically

    Everyone is interested by the concept but no one will buy this thing in the end their is already products exactly like it ailing

      Well...the Kickstarter funding pretty much amounts to 5 million dollars worth of order, so I'd say quite a few people have already bought one, or at least the promise of one.

      Tell that to the $5 million and counting...

      This will do well because of the black and white screen, sometimes you have to go backwards to go forwards, that 7 day battery life (or call it a week, or call it just 6 days) is a strong selling point.

      These watches are straight to the point, and without all the fruit, and with a name like Pebble, it can succeed greatly if promoted right, they need to get these watches into those cutesy-gift-store display cases asap (Orange Story etc), among select other places. More colors are needed ASAP, or perhaps they'll put out new colors each year.

      Another model with a slight feminine design should help them tap into an extra bit of market, although I think female interest will be smaller, they'd just need to hope Alpha females buy these and then force everyone else in their group to get one, but then they'll fight over the fact one bought the same color as another, so maybe a changeable face model will work better than fixed color there.

    Bluetooth, is it powered? Can't see it running off the tiny watch batteries with any efficiency...

      It says it has a rechargeable battery that lasts 7 days.

      No GPS - it just displays info from your phone's GPS.

    I just wanted to comment that from hanging around boardgamegeek for so long I now associate kickstarter with boardgames and I haven't even funded any (and I've funded 3 video games now)

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