The New Double Dragon Game Looks, Hrm, Well...

Wayforward's upcoming Double Dragon: Neon has its first gameplay trailer.

If you liked what Wayforward did with its last homage to an old property, A Boy And His Blob, well... this doesn't look anywhere near as charming.

It'll be out on XBLA and PSN sometime this winter.


    Coming from a big fan of Double Dragon, that just looks clumsy and stiff.

    I'm just glad they didn't move to a 3D world

    played and loved double dragon 1, 2 and 3 as a kid. That gameplay footage is fail :(. Look very amateur.

    Looks half decent

    I'd understand if this was alpha footage, but as a promotional video it feels rather lacking and disappointing. I wonder if they have a dedicated hug button?

    So...Billy's girl was standing in a dark alleyway dressed as a hooker...
    Isn't this whole thing just a big misunderstanding?

    Whoa! Straight from the 80s! But yeah, looks a bit clumsy.

    This is even sadder when you consider the fact that the remake on the iPhone looks and plays so much better than... this.

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