The New Way You Should Be Dealing With Skyrim's Frost Trolls

Man, these guys make me laugh every time they make one of these "Things To Do" videos. This week it's Skyrim. And while there are many, many things to do in Skyrim as it is, taunting and tricking your enemies is definitely up there for one of the more fun things to do.

Being that Frost Trolls can be some of the more fickle enemies to get around, why not lead them toward a cliff by throwing your voice in its direction, and then shouting them off of it? Cackling afterwards is not only allowed, it's encouraged.


    By the time you can actually get the taunt shout, a frost troll would be super trivial anyways. People with it, will know what I mean.

      Are you missing the point of the video on purpose?

        Yea, the point is that the game is so boring that you have to find your own fun.

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