The Official Model For Mass Effect's Samara, Dressed Up As Samara

Today at PAX East, Stephen Totilo ran into a familiar face — Rana McAnear, the actress who provides the official model for Mass Effect's Asari Justicar Samara and her unhinged sex-killer daughter Morinth.

There's cosplay, and then there's the actual person who played the character in the game, dressed in a kickass version of the original outfit from that game. She looks amazing! The only thing missing are the super-intense biotics.

Though she does probably smile more than Samara ever would. But that's OK. Man, I never could get Samara to be anything but an uptight killjoy.


    wow, I'm surprised how honest she was about the ending.
    Was expecting her to say it was the most amazing ending ever....Totilo basically talked her out of admitting it was rubbish

    was that hesitation i heard in her voice? yep

    anyway she looks awesome!

    Distinct lack of Samara's clevage. Am disappoint.

    See, this. This is the reason Avatar was completely motion captured. Because caking yourself in blue paint never, ever looks good in the real world.

    There was a Reddit article a few weeks ago where someone ran into her as well:

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