The Original Hard-Boiled, Slow-Motion Max Payne Goes Mobile Next Week

We've still got another month before the third instalment of Max Payne hits the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Why not spend that time reliving the original on the iPhone or iPad?

In honour of the upcoming Max Payne revival, Rockstar Games is releasing a remastered version of the 2001 original for iOS devices and, eventually, select Android devices. This gussied-up version of the original game features HD graphics, high definition textures, user-configurable controls and hooks to the Rockstar Games Social Club, because nothing is as depressing as an anti-social shooter.

Max Payne Mobile hits iTunes on April 12, ready to rock on your iPhone (3GS and up), iPad (any model) or iPod Touch 4.


    These kinds of games where you need to aim and whatnot are just horrible, slow, and frustrating to play on touch screen mobiles.

    A ps vita version would be appreciated.

      +1 Would buy a Vita if games like Max Payne, GTA etc were on Vita

        I know you can download psp games onto the vita and I saw some GTA games on there but I'm not sure how well they run. Might just download one and find out.

    "HD graphics, high definition textures" Is it really any different? It looks the same as the PC version on high settings to me.

    3GS is supported woo!

    So it'll be even worse to control than the console ports were originally. Wonderful? :-P

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