The Spacious Beauty Of The Machinarium Soundtrack

Holy heck, I loved Machinarium. I loved it for its art, and for its difficult puzzles and inventive hint system. And I loved it for Tomas Dvorak's spacious, hugely evocative musical score.

The track above is the first tune to play in the game, and it's very much the moment when the game "reveals itself" to the player. The rest of the soundtrack steps in and conveys a huge amount of the game's heart — the charming cartoons and art tell the story of the robots, but the music tells the story of the land, a desolate and yet still beautiful place.

It also reminds me of Bruno Coulais' music from Coraline, which, well, you could do a hell of a lot worse.

Oh hell, here's a song from Coraline:



    This is still one of my favourite game soundtracks to date. By the Wall and the Glasshouse with Butterfly are amazing. Cool game too!

      I often listen to those tracks to put myself to sleep. Very atmospheric and relaxing

    Hey I sometimes do the same Crispus!, I'am quite touched by this game... this whole piece of art... you don't see this quality in videogames very often, I also loved limbo, but I think I still prefer machinarium

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