The Star Wars Game Lucasarts Should Have Made, But Never Did

This is very exciting. Nearly three years ago, I did a story on Han Solo Adventures, a fan-made project looking to bring the world the 1990s Lucasarts x Star Wars adventure game it never actually got.

Given this was three years ago, I'd given the project up for dead, but no. In the last few weeks it has sprung back into life, and better still, there is now gameplay footage.

Developer Stacy Davidson is doing the whole thing himself, and while it's clearly still got a bit to go, you can already see he's got the bones of a Lucasarts game - circa Fate of Atlantis, by the looks of it - down pat.

You can keep up with the project at its official site, linked below.

Han Solo Adventures [Official Site]


    I will be ALL over this when it lands, SCUMM forever!

    Make me want to play beneath a steel sky tonight got it off gog as a free game

    The Dig!

    Oh sorry wrong thread.

    This looks pretty awesome, hope it not only gets finished but doesn't get killed by a cease & desist 95% of the way to completion

      I always cringe when a site features this game for this exact reason.

      I wish it would just disappear from the web until it's complete, then when it was released it would always exist on some dodgy abandonware site somewhere.

      With the way George Lucas seems to be with starwars fan films it should be fine.

    So Lucas = Star Wars Kinect
    Fans = SCUMM Han Solo game?


    Will LucasArts or LucasFilm try to shut this down? I really do hope they don't and I really hope they see this and give their support to making it happen.

      that was my thought too, this looks great, I hope it gets released successfully

    This looks amazing :) Please Mr. Lucas do the right thing and let this guy finish.

    Ummmmm.... I think you should remove the website link on this article.

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