The Time-Travelling Assassins Of Looper

Ah, finally, a trailer for upcoming sci-fi flick Loopers, about criminal time-travellers going back in time to whack people.

Nothing could go wrong with that, right? Nothing except Bruce Willis.


    I haven't watched this with sound and it seems pretty clear that people are being sent back in time to BE whacked. Don't you ever stop, Luke. You're adorable.

      Nah man, you're thinking of Looper, he's talking about Loopers.

    Ah Video Games.

      I can't wait to play this, I've always wanted to be Bruce Willis.

      Looks like you walked into the wrong neighbourhood.

    Oh god, joseph Gordon Levitt... WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOUR FAAAAAACCCE!

      Yeah - they've done a fantastic job making him look like a young Willis.

      I seriously cannot wait for this movie.

    Premise sounds good but it looks like only the first 15 minutes are Sci-Fi and the rest is just a normal action flick.

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