The Trials HD Riddle Finally Revealed!

It was nine months ago when I posted the original Trials HD story, attempting to increase awareness and seek an answer to the Trials HD Riddle. This was a worldwide exclusive for Kotaku Australia and, by all accounts, was a popular story. While this was the first many of you had heard of the riddle and its clues, the committed members of the Redlynx forums had already been attempting to answer this riddle for nearly two years. Now, in the lead up to the release of Trials Evolution (April 18th), Redlynx have today revealed the ANSWER to the Riddle and it can be found within this video.

I strongly urge you to watch the video rather than just reading the comments. I have intentionally not written the answer as I want the answer to be revealed to you in much the same way that it was revealed to me. Also note, that this project would not have happened without the hard work of members of the Kotaku Australia community. I have been producing the video and have obtained an original musical score from our very own James Flamestar (Anonymous Pessimist) and original artwork from our very talented artist and game developer Dane 'Sughly' Krams. I am immensely proud of the video and so grateful to be a part of this community where such talented people are an e-mail or a tweet away and more than willing to help.

I've secretly been working with Redlynx Creative Director Antti Ilvessuo to put this together over the past six months and this is the end result.

Thanks again to everyone who helped.


Be sure to post your thoughts in the comments below. I'm genuinely interested to hear what you all thought and I will make sure that the Redlynx guys read this post also.


    Just incredible. A testament to the innovation and pure dedication of excitement that a medium only as singular as video games can produce. Fantastic work by everyone involved.

    FatShady's author image is Serrels =O

    Have you ever seen both of them in the same room at the same time?

    Great video. FatShady is a beast. I believe in FatShady.

    AP -- awesome music, perfect stuff. And Sughly, we all know you deliver, but this is cranking things up a notch BAM!

    I've never played Trials (I will one day) but I've been occasionally looking at the riddle since Good Game ran their piece on it. And then I was surprised to learn that the awesome FatShady here was working so hard to solve it. It's a fascinating idea, the riddle, and as has been said before isn't necessarily about what the answer is, exactly.

    In fact, watching that video, I pretty quickly understood just what the answer might be. What was fun about it was seeing everything link together. I can't imagine how satisfying that would be - to collect 10 or so seemingly random clues, to go on an awesome journey where you research just what exactly they mean. Sometimes you might not get it, but somebody else in the community recognises it instantly, and it becomes an exciting group effort. It must have felt so great to slot all of the pieces in together like that, to say 'this is Piri Reis' map, a mystery in its own right, just like these references to the Orion constellation' and slowly start to see the bigger picture.

    More than anything I loved the mystery of it, and it's something that seems so random to put into a game like Trials, but something about the atmosphere in the game when you come across these clues just adds this mysterious tension to it. Like I said, haven't played it myself, but just watching these videos and seeing these images is so exciting, and it's nice to see it end in a really cool way.

    So well done to FatShady for working so hard on this, and side-congrats to Sughly and Pez for their artistic contributions. What an awesome project!

      That ended up being longer than I expected it to be...I'm sorry!

        dont be, I appreciated you taking the time man. Thanks

        That's pretty much exactly what I would have said as well! I don't have a 360 but I tell you what I'm tempted to get one now just to play this damn thing.

        I've also learnt a heck of a lot from a short video that will no doubt keep me asking questions for ages. This is really truly awesome so congrats to FatShady and everyone else involved. It's days like this which makes me proud to be an Australian gamer.

          Honestly that means a lot. Im just a fan of this game, I have no training in video editing and taught myself most of this as i was working on it. I just wanted to get the story out there in a way that was as captivating as the journey was for me. Glad you liked it.

    That was incredible, and I never even played Trials HD! I have been following the story for at least a year now, though, I hope Good Game pops this onto next weeks episode!

      feel free to put pressure on them. Currently there is no plan to include it.. :( I did ask though!

        IIRC that's mostly because most of their stuff is shot about 2-3 weeks before airtime to a schedule so it's a bit hard put something out of the blue like this.

        That being said you never know they might decide to squeeze it in on one of the later eps =D

    That was incredible, and I never even played Trials HD! I have been following the story for at least a year now, though, I hope Good Game pops this onto next weeks episode!

    Congrats on getting to work on this FatShady, it was your posts on Kotaku that really got me interested in the riddle.

    At first I was a bit concerned that they'd thrown in a bunch of very familiar conspiracies, theories and historical events (Tunguska, Darwin, da Vinci, Fibonacci) just to confuse people, and because hiding things that look vaguely like codes and symbols is a fun thing to do (it is).

    But I think the reason for doing it was actually nicely done; it's worth questioning things for their own sake and doing investigation, and I'm sure everyone who worked on the riddle or even glanced at the puzzles learned something new and interesting about the world.

    In the end, a riddle about riddles and humanity's drive for knowledge and understanding is a nice twist. I'm glad it was revealed.

    All the props go to you and your minions Fatshady - that was a pretty great video. I'd just love to know why this, of all games, was chosen to hide such an esoteric, throught provoking riddle.
    And how long have you been hiding the fact that you knew the answer?

      The cretive director Antti Ilvessuo is the reason that this riddle is in this game.. he is a crazy Finnish man! As for how long I have known the answer, getting on about 6 months now :) haha!

      But don't think I've been relaxing, this is literally how long it took to get the video to this point. If anyone is interested, I'll write a longer post tomorrow about the process of getting here.

        I'd be interested to hear more about the process man. That, and more on Antti Ilvessuo -- and why this game was afforded such a crazy puzzle. Amazing stuff.

          Hey Danny, no problem. I'll try and write this up tomorrow in the comment below. It has been an amazing journey for me personally but I didn't want to take away from the answer to the riddle.

          Short version, Antti is the co-founder of the company and basically did what he wanted. For the first year or so of the game, not a single other person on the earth knew what the answer to the riddle was. About a year on, he told one of the other developers just in case he was hit by an asteroid. Then he told me after about 2 years. I think I was about the 3rd person globally to hear it!

          As for the reason why.. because he found it interesting.. Nothing more, nothing less. He had the opportunity so he did it.

    ...oh. OK. (As an outsider who's only seen this in the occasional Kotaku post, that's a bit anticlimactic, isn't it? I hope it's more fulfilling for the people who poured hours into it.)

      Yeah I am in the same boat as you. I guess that the point of this riddle was the journey not the destination.

      …but if you didn’t take the journey (like me) just getting the answer is kind of like picking up someone from the airport. It’s the end of a great journey and experience for them but for you it’s just a $52 parking ticket and 2 hours of your life.

        Not necessarily...

        I appreciate a good riddle even though i'm terrible at solving them. And this riddle game IMHO was very well executed and must have been a nice mental challenge for all the people involved! And while it may seem like a cop out to some I find it very encouraging how what something as "mundane" as an XBL Bike title can come together with a rather unique message.

        Each to their own I guess? xD

    Ooooooooohhhhhh FatShady!

    Splendid effort dear chap!

    Getting new employees from the community is the best. :)

    greatness, i think it really did achieve what they set out to do and i take my virtual hat off to ye at RedLynx. well done squires. also there shall be no referances to the me3 ending in relation to the answer of the riddle. its over!

    I hope that you realise that those "Jumbled letters" were probably DNA sequences.

      Watch the rest of the video. Intentionally kept the initial descriptions vague as I wanted to convey the feeling of not knowing what everything was initially. As the video progresses, you see that the DNA sequence is clearly understood.

    I cant help but feel that the greatest irony is that the time spent on this is kind of thing is indicative of someone wasting their life not using it..... no offence to all the guys that worked on it, but really, in the end what did it achieve?

      It taught us about historical figures and events that we were otherwise unaware of, We heard new music, watched new movies and enjoyed the quest for knowledge with a bunch of like minded people. I'd argue that playing video games is a larger waste of a life. But we all do that too ;)

      I can't speak for the others who contributed, but my time is fairly balanced with work, family and education so this was just a fun hobby for me.

    Wow. Well done FatShady and co. You guys are awesome.

    People didn't research Charles Darwin and listen to Beethoven for fun.
    They did it FOR SCIENCE \o/

    Awesome work Shady. You have put so much work, effort and time into this. Its great to finally see it all come together.

    Also, what if the Mammoth is a reference to the frozen body found near the Lena river in Russia, not all that far from where the Tunguska event happened? And using it for cloning? A question for the future?... No? Ok I'll stop :)

      mate I've been all over that story too. Thats just one of the types of rabbit holes you go down trying to solve this thing. For example, i spent about a week or two researching jack the ripper, only to find out that the clue referred to Stanly Kubrick. Another example, I researched DNA as a form of cryptography and hidden code type stuff. Only to realise that it simply didnt work! Still amazing what you learn though. (and that is the point)

    Wow. That is seriously impressive. The video is amazing, soundtrack and artwork incredible, and the journey is actually very inspiring. Fantastic work FatShady, AP and Sughly!

    I feel disappointed just spending that 12 minutes watching the video, god knows what those involved in solving the riddle are feeling (other than denial based on FS' response to xWisp). Nearly two years to get an answer so wanky even a philosophy major would cringe...

    It's kinda like that "meta" episode of community but instead of being funny it was just sadly disappointing and a waste of time.

      What would have made you happy? I'm having trouble picturing it.

      I for one am quite happy to accept that 'asking questions' is the answer, and it's a good answer, too.

      The exercise was far from pointless. Those involved spent a long time reading through human history, learning about the major events and brightest minds responsible for our present cultural and intellectual state. I would venture a guess that each of the researchers is feeling personally and culturally enriched by the process.

      And THAT'S the point. If they hadn't asked the questions, they would never have undertaken the journey and would have learned nothing.

      Did someone say philosophy major?

      Hey! How you doin'? In fact I am so 100% content with the answer its not funny. It's a beautiful expression of what Hegel (my main man yo') sees as the dialectic of life - a consistent need for answers with a concurrent realisation that there can be no absolute knowledge - which leads to exactly this, contentment in questions.

      Philosophy, out.

        You are a pleasant individual. I approve of your existence.

        Thanks mate. Well put. I appreciate you taking the time to explain this.

    That was absolutely fantastic, FatShady. It's been a pleasure following this little journey and I'm glad you shared it with us.

    I would like to open by commending all the work put into this project by those involved, Im sure I can't even begin to fathom the hours spent poring over Wikipedia like it was the Library of Alexandria.

    However I must admit that I did raise a disbelieving eyebrow upon the great revelation. I get it. The unquenchable thirst for knowledge and discovery. God knows I love learning for its own sake. I did a liberal arts degree.

    However, the 'answer' left me a little unsatisfied

      Apologies, I'm posting from a phone, which doesn't leave much room for not accidentally hitting submit.

      As I was saying, the reveal left me a bit underwhelmed. I felt like "ok...Thats cool, but is that really it?"

      I assume the guys who actually worked on the riddle must have been super stoked to work it out, and I don't want to take anything away from all their blood, sweat and Red Bull, but I didn't have my world rocked the way I hoped I would.

    FatShady, your journey must have been an incredible experience.
    I wonder if without your hard work promoting the riddle, the riddle would remain unanswered.

    I haven't played Trials HD and have no intention of playing Evolution but even so, through you I've been fascinated by this riddle. Just the fact that a game developer would go to the trouble of putting clues to a larger picture within a seemingly frivolous game is a thing of amazement.

    Big reveal wooo! Congrats FatShady and Kotaku and all those on the RedLynx forums.

    Great meta-fun for such a small game :)

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