The Very Best In Cosplay: Linda Le

We're nearing the end of our world tour of the very best in cosplay, but it'd be wrong to bring this to a close without highlighting the work of American cosplayer Linda Le.

Otherwise known as VampBeauty, or Vampy, Linda is a cosplay machine, renowned not just for the quality of her costumes, but their variety as well.

Rather than confining herself to doing just games, or just anime, or just a handful of subject matters, Le's work runs the gamut of comics, TV, games, manga, the works.

You can see more of Linda's cosplay at her personal site.



    Is that the first time anyone has cosplayed the character Rescue?

    Kotaku: A website dedicated to things Luke finds on the internet.

      Yeah, what kind of gamer or geek wants to know about stuff on the internet? Silly Luke.

    Hmm too much photoshop. Hard to determine how good the cosplay itself is.

      Wait, you mean she can't actually shoot fire from her hands or fly!?

    Does anyone have a better gaming news website i can go to? im sick of the shit posted here

      Rock Paper Shotgun

      That's right. Support the "Australians always complain" stereotype. It only makes Luke (and Brian) stronger.

      But really, guys. News button. Right at the top of the page. Can't miss it.

        What do you mean stereotype? Australians are constantly complaining, just like everyone else.

    Isn't posting shit like Cosplay Bashcraft's job, Kerplunkett?

      Maybe its Bashcraft in disguise

    Wow there is some good comic centric cosplay in there. Thanks for the post :)

    its people like u who have turned the japanese anime/manga industry into a bunch of lolicons and hetais

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