The Wii U Will Let You Download Brand New Games Too

It's not just the 3DS that's getting full-scale digital downloads this year. Nintendo's new Wii U console will be getting the feature as well.

This means that new games released at retail on the system, at least those published by Nintendo, will also be available day-and-date to download.

Interestingly, games will be downloaded through the eShop, but consumers will be buying download codes either from a retail store or an online vendor. Nintendo says prices will be determined by those third-party vendors, which in theory at least should lead to competition and - at least occasionally - lower prices.

In theory.

Financial Results Briefing [Nintendo]


    So Nintendo is going to do in the next generation of consoles what Microsoft and Sony have been doing this generation. . .?

      You mean HD gaming?

        Well that yeah, but I specifically meant the ability to buy and download full games online. Both the 360 and PS3 have that ability plus the PSP and Vita. . . Nintendo is a little late to the party here. . .

          Except they are skipping the step of authoritarian control that MS and Sony hold over their platforms.

          As the sole place you can buy stuff both Sony and MS have a stranglehold on the price of DLC and the like.

          They have no need to offer sale of discounted prices or ensure that the pricing is actually representative for the product 6+ months later.

          While they do offer these discounts occasionally it's generally due to publisher request etc and not because they are trying to compete with anoter point of sale

            And Sony/Microsoft don't always release big studio games straight away to XBLN (or even at all). This is the biggest difference I'm reading from the article.

      Super Smash Bros was made in 1999. So yeah.

      And you do realise that with the tablet Nintendo has solved the problem with headsets, keyboards and controllers? Barely anyone is going to want to have all those and wear 3D glasses as well. You know because of the geek factor. What has Sony or MS done about that?

    Well duh. It's not like everyone else has been doing it for years or anything...

    I fail to see how the WiiU is NextGen... Looks pretty current gen to me...

      Have you or anyone else for that matter actually seen a launch Wii U game in action? No. So how can anyone comment that it looks current gen? Last time we saw the Wii U it was simply tech demos on how the Controller can be used and no real Wii U games were on Display. Please remember that fact.

      Besides the main selling point is the controller. If you want the best graphics go the the PC Not consoles. If you want something PC cant do well the Wii Us controller fits that bill nicely.

      Funny people like to throw around what defines next gen.

    if it's anything like the current Wii, Nintendo should name their new stystem the 'Nintendo Dust Collector'... i know it's not clever but at least you know what you're getting.

    LOL lets all bitch that Nintendo need to catch up with Sony and MS in online gaming and support, so they announce they are and everyone bitches that its comming..

    Be damned if they do, be damned if they dont it seems. I for one welcome my new online gaming overlords to the party.

    Ummm... i never knew the xbox and ps3 could download full new games? So, halo 4 will be available for download over xbox live on the release date? Coz im pretty sure thats what nintendo is saying.

      but with nintendo games obviously

      There's much more games to download on the US Store. But you can still download new games off XBLA here in Australia, and even on PS3. The Aussie prices suck, but sometimes they have good sales.

      I'll agree the Australian stores aren't really good to go by, but yes you can Buy and Download some (see: not all) new release titles online using XBLA and there are plenty of new release titles on the PSN Store for both the PS3 and Vita (the entire current Vita library is available online right now), not to mention a more comprehensive library of PSP games than you will find in any brick and mortar retailer nowadays

        Good to know, thank. Only really play Nintendo now. Haven't been on xbox live in over 2 years.

        Times are changing! or have changed and i missed it. ...

    Great another console that I can pay over retail price for the "convienice" of downloading.

    Bold Prediction: This Service Will Suck in Australia

    I thought the Wii U didn't come with any internal memory to speak of?

    noooo, i want WiiU to be great! please nintendo let it be great!

    So what if Nintendo hasn't been doing what Sony and Microsoft have been doing? They went down a different path and they still came out on top.

      Ouch dont say that, some people dont like to hear the truth

    So I can only assume the console will have a decent hard drive...

    Interesting, so online stores and retail have the ability to price the digital games? Could be a step in the right direction (also something i proposed a while ago with the Vita and psn store pricing).

    However, there is one flaw i see/someone needs to explain to me.
    The Wii U at the moment has been proposed to have internal flash memory and can be expandable by SD cards and USB storage, which can be good or bad depending what the final specs are. The question is though, if Nintendo aren't having having a network system such as XBL or psn and relying on friend codes, how will it stop people pirating? Unless of course the game is tied to the console rather than user, which will lead to problems down the track.

    Also will the eShop be region locked restricting codes to work in only certain territories, or will you be able to use any code in any store?

      My guess, it will be region locked. AFAIK Nintendo started off the whole region locking crap on game consoles. It won't bother me as much if we're still lumped in with Europe. If they make Australia its own region though (seperate from Europe), then I'll be pissed.

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