The World's Strongest, Thickest, And Most WTF IPhone Case

When you are shopping for iPhone cases, you probably want something durable, something strong. You probably do not want something that weighs over 4.5 pounds and could be used as a murder weapon in Clue.

Dubbed the "One-Inch armoured Case", the case can possibly stop a 50-calibre bullet. Priced at ¥52,500 (US$648), the case comes in two colors: black or white.

The One-Inch armoured Case's maker doesn't guarantee your iPhone will survive a shootout, and it actually recommends that only people over 18 use this case. "Don't let little kids handle the case," the official site points out.

Those who shell out for the case get their own 12.7 "dummy" cartridge. Dummy, indeed.

1インチ装甲ケース [Marudai]


    fuck that.

    wasnt this on lifehacker/gizmodo earlier today...

      Kotaku repost something? No way!

        They are owned by the same company so why wouldn't they

    cost a much as the phone itself lol

    Im pretty certain that a .50 with go through that, not that I would even waste a .50 doing so

    I really struggle to understand who would want one of these...

    It literally makes your phone a paperweight.

    That looks like a block of lead on the back.

    nothing can withstand being hit by a nokia....only another nokia could cancel the shear force of it. (Old nokias that is)

    "and it actually recommends that only people over 18 use this case"

    Are they afraid kids are going to break it or something?

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