There's A Portal Cartoon Being Made. It Looks Incredible.

Given the fact Valve isn't in the business of making its own animated films (outside of TF2 advertisements), fan Alex Zemke is doing his own Portal flick. And going by the screens he's released so far, it looks as good as you'd hope the real thing to look.

The movie is called Companionship, and before you sigh that it's just a "fan" project, know the guy is a professional animator, whose credits include Disney movies like G-Force and The Smurfs and games such as Uncharted 2 & 3.

While it's still obviously early days, so much so there's no footage, these test renders and preview images are exactly what you'd want from such a project.

Portal Short Chell Test Render [DeviantArt, via Game Informer]


    The screenshots released makes it seem a bit, cliche.

      I think it's more that the facial structure/style is a bit generic, and probably a bit more animated than I'd expect Chell to be as she performs science.

      Regardless as a fan of portal I won't be able to stop myself from watching this when it comes out.

        Yeah, her facial structure looks like something you see from someone who would design a character if he was ordered to design them like something from Pixar.

        The first image also implies it's a bit of generic action, and Portal is the last game I'd label as "action".

          That said, though, if you're making a film rather than a game, it makes sense to action it up - although it's great fun solving puzzles with portals, I'd say it's miles less fun watching a character solve puzzles with portals.

            I personally had a lot of fun watching friends play Portals after I pushed it on them. I feel bad for this though, I would stand there silently judging their intelligence.

            It would work better as a comedy. You know, one element that made Portal popular.

              As long as the comedy is reminiscent of the game's own humor. Otherwise we would just get a Garfield. Oh man that movie ruined the comics for me.

              As for its animation style, sure it does look very Disney/Pixar like, but I think thats appealing in its own right. Probably goes down to how you feel about such films.

          Although any puzzles involving conservation of momentum (which is a lot of them) really would look quite "actioney." I mean being hurled through the air at high speed is pretty actioney. This trailer has a good bit of action while still staying true to the puzzly nature of Portal...

          I agree Portal isn't an action game, but there are plenty of opportunities for action sequences within it.

          Also, apparently actioney is a word now :P


              I agree that it's not a traditional action game, but for a game where you encounter 3 other kinds of interactable characters, there is a hell of a lot of action. It will be interesting to see what action they create if it stays true to the original series.

    Never realised Chells boobs were so big.

      I wish they were that big in the game

    God I hate the "Dreamworks grin"

      So true

    Hopefully Chell wont stay so pale in the finished product.

      Good point. +1.

      Ah, so that's what felt so off about those pictures. I knew there was something missing/wrong there, couldn't figure it out 'til now though.

    Looks like it has high production value, which is a double edged sword, I can't imagine this will be released (if it's a feature) within the next 18 months and if it's not a feature, even 2013 at the earliest. It'll be worth the wait, but that's plenty of time for Valve to change their stance on fan productions.
    I look forward to it and I'm sure if the creator is a fan of the series, they will try to keep the feel of solving the puzzles in movie form.

    Meh, screenshots have already put me off. Why is she landing all retarded when She has Long Fall Boots? The eye colour is wrong too.

    This comments thread is why no-one should ever create anything, ever.

      ^ Can't agree more.

        Hey at least the biggoted anti US comments seem to be low in this thread ;)

        ^ Agreed, ive noticed the tone of comments has been generally negative today. I myself am looking forward to this. And guys, chill, its a fan film. He will adapt it to the way he has imagined it. Thing is, everybody will have their own ideas on how to approach this, and truth is, you cant please everyone. Those who believe the can do better, be my guest.

    This guy probably doesn't realise what he has done in stirring up the interwebs hornets nest. It has already started happening in the comments above...

    I think for what it is and who he is (experience wise) it looks pretty cool.

    reminds me of The clone wars actually.

      Everything's a little more rounded than The Clone Wars. The Clone Wars is a bit straightish and boxy.

    Why are people getting nit picky about this, its a nice tribute by a fan.


    Less facial expressions, more body fat. Then I'm satisfied.

    it is awesome! I will check it out, our st least the trailers

    All you whiners are unbelievable. This looks awesome!

    It looks pretty good, although Chell is supposed to be a woman of colour, and I hope he realises this mistake and corrects it. And silent. Must be silent. But I'm excited!

    Desperately needs subsurface scattering.

    may I just point out that in the image with the weighted storage cube and the aerial faith plate the cube's layout is from portal 1 whereas aerial faith plates are a portal 2 exclusive. please could someone tell the maker this

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