These Mass Effect Hoodies Make Video Game Clothing Finally Look Cool

Check out these awesome Mass Effect hoodies, designed by deviantART user lupodirosso earlier this week.

Unlike a lot of gaming-centric clothing, these babies have style. You wouldn't be ashamed to be seen in them. (Well, most of them.)

lupodirosso says he sent an e-mail proposal to BioWare, asking them to consider officially commissioning the hoodies. Earlier this year, BioWare supported an official N7 sweatshirt that bears some resemblance to lupodirosso's designs. So maybe they'll like these, too.

Do it, BioWare!

mass effect hoodie project proposal sent [deviantART via Reddit]


    mailto html markup on your 'an official N7 sweatshirt?

    I have been wearing the same ME jacket (on and off) for years, I'd be glad to buy these.

    > Implying you'd be ashamed to wear other gaming clothing you've bought
    > Assuming these are stylish, when in reality, they look douchebaggy.

    Creative...yet not sure about the 'cool' factor.

      My thoughts exactly. Sure the designs look interesting but dont think I would go outside wearing any of them.

        Yeah, these kind of things where it's just a character design fitted onto clothing just seem tacky to me.

    Liara jacket really follows the game quite closely... ;)

    omg. kasumi and tali hoodie please.

    well, honestly, I doubt these would look good irl though, a lot of the other hoodies like this don't. I'll stick with my N7 hoodie.

    You would be mocked on the street by strangers wearing one of those. Steer clear

    They look awful. You might as well castrate yourself if you wore One

    I don't get the hate... I'd wear these all the time.

      They look extremely chavvy and 'busy'. Nothing says badass like a pair of tits printed on the front of your hoodie. I'm guessing they'd also look fairly crap in person.

    Nope... Still don't look cool

    Gah so want either the Thane or the Kasumi hoodie

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