These Might Be Images Of Another Cancelled Star Wars: Battlefront Game

In 2010, Kotaku learned that SOCOM and Resident Evil series part-timers Slant Six Games had been working on a game in the Star Wars universe. Specifically, a new entry in the Battlefront series of multiplayer shooters.

While that game was eventually cancelled, a user on website claims to have found a series of images from the game among files found on the disc of... Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

Given the date these images turned up there's every reason to be sceptical, but the site's users do specialise in digging through hidden content and unreleased versions of games. Given how mundane the shots are, they may actually be the real deal.

Why they'd be hiding in Resident Evil code, though, is anyone's guess. A binary cry for help?

It's been over three years since we saw assets from the last developer to take a swing at the franchise, Free Radical.

The last we'd heard the next Battlefront game, whatever it's called by now, was in the hands of Spark Unlimited.

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Star Wars Placeholder [Betagames (registration required), via NeoGAF]


    I'd pretty much give anything for a Battlefront for the current-gen consoles. I wasted so much time playing those without even having an internet connection. Great games.

      Bah I'd rather it comes out on the next gen only so it gets a proper go especially with the suggestion the ps4 might not be backwards compatible as well

      PC is the way to go for the Battlefront games. The mod maps the community came up with are astounding.

    After suffering through 'Operaiton Raccoon City' on the weekend the less tie in games Slant Six let crawl out the door the better. If anything it was probably QA from Lucas Arts that killed it. Maybe someone should start a QA department at CAPCPOM.

    hopes and dreams crushed.... again

    Battlefront would do insane amounts of bank if there was a new one. Battlefront 1 and 2 are like the only games for PS2 I see used in stores for more than 20 bucks. Add to the current prominence of online shooters, a Battlefront 3 for this generation of consoles would be a sure bet for Lucasarts.

    However, the fact that we've seen two seperate failed concepts for this game so far probably speaks volumes of the shit that's going down at Lucasarts. AH WELL AT LEAST THERE IS STAR WARS KINECT RIGHT GUYS?

    Damn. I love the art. Im with everyone else, a new Battlefront game would be excellent! Kick-starter account anyone?

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