These New Game Of Thrones Screenshots Sure Look Generic

These are screenshots from the upcoming Game of Thrones RPG. You can tell this because they all say "Game of Thrones" in big letters.

If not for those labels, would you have any idea what they were from? Or would you think, "Oh, great, another generic fantasy role-playing game."?

As a huge fan of both George RR Martin's book series and the HBO adaptation, I'm coming into this thing with a healthy dose of scepticism. The combat looks kinda cool, but I dunno. Hopefully the game lives up to the high expectations most people have for this franchise.

The Game of Thrones RPG is slated for a May 15 release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.


    I honestly find it hard to judge games from screenshots. The trailer they put out seemed to encapsulate it in Westeros a lot better.

    Just let me use the imp and smack talk people pls

    Ummm, even at its best, the books make it a fairly generic fantasy world, right? The characters are what makes it interesting.

      Exactly, its not about the world it is about the people and the interactions there in.

      It is a lot like the walking dead, where in the setting is generic and really is only there to set the scene.

    It's funny that games like Crusader Kings 2 and War of the Roses are being described as more like A Game of Thrones than the actual licensed game is....

    Looks like Skyrim.

      Actually, if they made it using the same system as Skyrim, and let me explore it, doing story-driven quests, I would be hugely happy. Give a few starting location options - prisoner bound for the Wall, bannerman to a great house, squire at court in King's Landing, etc. and from there let people grow their characters. Huge undertaking, but I reckon it'd work really well. I totally get why that would never happen, but I can dream...

    May 15?.. Well I know I ain't getting it then.


    Diablo 3 launch day? Really? REALLY?

    It's like the WANT to fail

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