These Wonderful Drawings Of New Video Game Ideas Barely Make Sense

Some video games operate around incredibly innovative ideas and it's natural that the people behind them would want to patent them. And while those awesome ideas gets explained in page after page of text, sometimes it's just better to draw how a mechanic is going to work.

However, some of the people submitting patent applications can't draw. That much is clear from scanning the entries on Context Free Patent Art, a new Tumblr which culls art from video game patent applications. CFPA doesn't explain what the drawings are associated and half the fun of looking at these nice-try illustrations is trying to figure out what they're trying to communicate. I would frame all of these and put them on my office walls. If only I had an office…

Context Free Patent Art [Context Free Patent Art, via Kill Screen]


    Mine cart whack-a-mole looks odd - but seems too mainstream.
    I'm personally looking forward to playing the cow game, I hope the patent gets off the ground and it turns out to be a FPS where you play the role of a cow, with nothing left to lose....

    Cows worth guns, maybe chickens in choppers as level 2

      with* this is what the ducktank will look like

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