Thinking About Buying Batman: Arkham City? Hang On.

The upcoming Game of the Year edition of Arkham City, to be released May 29, will include all of the game's downloadable content, including the upcoming Harley Quinn's Revenge. So hold onto your credit card for now.


    Do i get this DLC for buyng the game on release or it cost a little extra?

    They told me I was crazy for holding off buying the GOTY when it came out, with all its DLC and retailer skins, but who's crazy now!?

    I bought Arkham City not too long ago with the Harvey Norman sale a few weeks ago, and then i got 800 free microsoft points for doing this survey thing, so i figured i'd spend another 8 dollars for another 800 points to get the Arkham Bundle DLC.

    So I've spent about $38 so far, and I read elsewhere that Harley's Revenge is not that expensive on its own. Unless i'm missing out on any other DLC, i think i've gotten off pretty good instead of buying GOTY edition, plus i've saved myself for that atrocious cover art...though i do have AA GOTY aswell, it would be pretty fitting.

    Just wanted to share that idle chat. Moving on.

    Wow... all those references to Nintendo... totally worth my time.

    You would think that just perhaps being that the article comes under Nintendo, would actually have something to do with the Wii U version on the horizon, but I'm guessing that's too difficult for this "journalist"

    isnt this the American release date?
    I read somewhere that Aus was getting it muuuuuch later...

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