This 3DS Game Cart Sure Is Classy

Remember when people got excited about cartridges? The first time I saw The Legend of Zelda's gold casing as a kid, I nearly lost my shit. With the advent of discs, those days are nearly gone. Still, there are the occasional instances when people to say, "Oh, now that's nice."

The upcoming Fire Emblem: Kakusei for the 3DS is one of those. Look at the dot graphics on the 3DS cart. The design is simple and classy — and a million times better than just the game's logo. Love it.

FE覚醒買ったがパッケージ開けて吹いた [Twitter]


    holy crap thats awesome...please tell me this is coming west

    Thought this was a Plunkett article for a minute there. Hai guyz, look at this picture I seen!

      Bashcraft is just as bad, unfortunately.

    PS. Pixel art, not dot graphics.

    holy shit, a cart with a picture on it! that's groundbreaking! /sarcasm.

    He just liked the picture on the cartridge? Really?

    If all the Kotaku authors posted pictures of promotional/box/CD/cartridge art they thought was "nice", there'd be fifty posts of "hay guiz look at dis gam's pikcher" every single day.

    I like how the American article comments section is filled with actual discussion about the article and the, admittedly, great cartridge art.

    I don't like how the Australian comments sections is filled with whining babies.

    The sad bit is that both Plunket and Asscraft get payed to essentially dick around on the net all day and post pic's they stole from reddit, tumblr and rival news sites.

      Hey, I'm half way to doing that job. If someone will just pay me and post my terse and borderline moronic commentary, I'll be set!

    Can anyone say dream job!

    I do love cartridges. There is just something about their construction and design that I enjoy about them. Discs are fine; cheaper to make and perhaps hold more data, but they'll never be as cool as cartridges.

    We are all whingers who are jealous of 'Mericians.

    That looks like crap. Sprites ripped probably ripped from low res on a grey background, what the fuck is good about it? I would much prefer a nice vector logo treatment, its not a big space so make it work by having a bold representation and linking it to the branding of the game's name. How hard is that?

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