This 3DS Game Still Looks Bananas

Guild 01 is an upcoming 3DS game made by four different creators. It's not really "one game" per se, but four games.

The games include Kaiho Shojo, a shooting game from Goichi Suda. There's also Rental Bukiya de Omasse — a game in which you are an arms dealer. Then there's Air Porter, a airport baggage simulator. The last game is Crimson Shroud, a fantasy action role-playing game.

You can read more about the games here and check out game footage Kotaku previously posted.

Guild 01, as these new TV ads point out, will be released next month in Japan.


    Best boxart I ever saw

    In the probable case of this not making it to the west: Fuck you Nintendo and your stupid god damn region-locking.

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