This Acid-Trip Game Looks Amazing, Even When I'm Playing It Wrong

I've never experimented acid or done any kind of psychedelics. People say it's great, except for all the flashbacks and stuff. From my never-tripped point-of-view, Dyad looks like it simulates an chemically altered mindstate pretty damn well. It's got a lot more going for it than just that, though.

Shawn McGrath is making Dyad and, in the video above, he talks about the unique mix of ideas and mechanics that he's combining in the racing/shooting/puzzle hybrid. I'm terrible at the level he had me play but watching him play a far harder level later is like watching someone do a magic trick. You'll get to handle the dizzying experience when Dyad comes out later this summer.


    Personally never once had flashbacks from all the times I did Acid or Shrooms, and yes they are both one hell of a ride.
    As for this simulating trips, not anything I ever experienced. Even the most intense experiences were nothing like that. This comes across more what people think it is like. Either that or doing stuff like peyote etc.

      Agreed. Acid is a mental battle. Maybe a DMT or peyote experience but not LSD

    I've never experienced anything anywhere as extreme as that...

    Psylocibin definitely had an altered state of vision attached to it upon my ingestion of it, although it wasn't entirely "holy crap look at the colours!" either.
    LSD wasn't visual at all, far more cognitive in nature.
    As for flashbacks, they're definitely the strangest part of the deal, in that they appear to come on unannounced, which is most certainly *not* what you expect to begin with. Perhaps I'm broken now, and live in a constant, altered reality (or perception thereof).

    Either way, as far as videogames (and indeed, storytelling mediums of all forms) have progressed, I don't think they will ever truly be able to provide a wholly engrossing, empathic experience. You never truly "feel" the protagonist getting shot in the action blockbuster. Likewise, I don't think someone will ever truly "trip" whilst playing a videogame as such.
    Still, it all comes back to the storytelling aspect, no?

    Looking at that gameplay makes me feel dizzy. I'd be scared to play that drunk.

    Maybe it simulates a Salvia trip? That is the only one people come back from where they
    afterwards cannot explain what they saw at all, apart from the 'folding of space & time'.
    The spice must flow!

      Each experience is deeply subjective, though the "flavours" of each individual chemical certainly do manifest more commonly amongst people, sure.
      Personally, my "trips" have focused on circles and cycles, regardless of the drug in question. Time/space and the folding thereof is not something I recall experiencing whilst on Salvia.

        Also, remember the old 'Real Winners don't do drugs' slogan on the arcade screens? lol
        I wonder if that applies to this game. I am sure a lot of ppl are going to ignore it

    Bunch of people talking bout drugs, that never take drugs.

      Pics or it didn't happen.
      Also, haters gon' hate.

      Really though, who's to judge?

    Child of Eden's pretty similar on xbox and pretty much the only kinect game worth playing

    i hope I can play this in 3D

    Holy shit I felt like I was going to have a seizure watching that.

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