This Anime Crossover Is Complicated, Chaotic And Blessedly Original

This Anime Crossover Is Complicated, Chaotic And Blessedly Original

Heroes Phantasia, the anime crossover RPG, has playable characters from a total of nine different anime. But how lame would it be if you could only choose three or four party members like most JRPGs? Fear not! Heroes Phantasia has a complex battle system that allows you a grand total of 16 characters in battle at the same time.

But how does it manage this? Well, by splitting them into four different squads. In battle, all you have to do is press up/down or left/right to change among the squads. While characters in the main squad can be of any series, characters in other squads must take the place of another character from their own series when you change your active squad. However, you also must keep in mind that some characters can only be in the front or back rows while others can be anywhere. Confused yet?

The strategy of the game is centered around building squads for defending, healing, and attacking — and switching between them as needed since each series’ characters share the same life bar. Then, as both super spells and blocking use PP, you’ll have to decide which is more important, damage or defence.

Still confused? Well, maybe it’s best to see it in action; so just check out the video above.

Heroes Phantasia was released on January 19 for the PSP in Japan. There are currently no plans for a Western release.


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