This Awesome Die Hard Action Figure Has Smaller Feet Than My Sister

Die Hard's John McClane finally gets the action figure he deserves, courtesy of custom toy builder Greggo.

He got everything right. The bare feet, the cigarette, Willis' late-80s-wireframe physique, the blood, everything.

The actual figure is based off a Hot Toys body and a custom head, while the base, blood, outfit and tattoos were all hand-made.

Full Custom John McClane From Die Hard [Greggo, via Toycutter]


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      That's really inappropriate. Why haven't the AllureMedia admins banned this guy from posting yet?

        This comment has been reported for inappropriate content and is awaiting review.

          Telling someone to kill themselves is not an opinion. I don't care if it's mimicking something that was on south park, it's inappropriate.

        Any company who has let Luke Plunkett and Brian Ashcraft post their inane, worthless 'journalism' for so long is surely too incompetent to notice a single poster on the Aus comments.

          not if its luke, anyone else and it would be wrong

        My guess is that it's different people using the name "name," which could explain why "name" is the first person to comment on most/some Luke, Ashcraft and I think at one point, Owen articles.

    I hate you, Luke.

    (I don't really. Just wanted to try and beat name to it.)

    I think I hate Luke Plunkett! No wait, I find him informative and witty.

    Is it just me or does the head look too big for the body???

      How dare you bring this back on topic!

    Shouldn't it have smaller feet than your sister?

    I mean, unless she's embryonic...

    There's been much less gaming related news. Die Hard did have a game or two, didn't it?

      Still can hum the NES games music to this day. My brother and sister loved the trilogy game on the PS1 too.

    I want it

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