This Batman Box Art Parody Is Better Than The Real Thing

By now you must have seen the box art for the Game of the Year edition of Batman: Arkham City.

It's pretty much the worst thing ever, stuffed with unnecessary quotes in giant red text that almost make the whole thing seem like one big parody.

Well here's a better parody. The fine folks at IGN have whipped up their own take on Warner Bros.' upcoming rerelease. And it adds some much-needed improvements to the Dark Knight's new box art.

Check it out below.

IGN Presents Arkham City: Box Art of the Year Edition [IGN]


    Lol "nose"

    This image was linked by one of our masterminds in the comments of the previous article!

    Even funnier when I saw it on /v/ first.

    I seriously think they would get more sales using this.

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