This Curvy Beauty Sprang From A Solid Chunk Of Aluminium

I know, I know; a home theatre PC barely counts as a gaming PC, but in the case of HardOCP forum member Achron's sexy metal creation I'm willing to make an exception. Warning: machining porn inside.

Achron's "Acronym" project began some three years ago, when the then master's student tried to find a front-end media streamer for the HDTV he didn't possess. He searched around for packaged PCs and didn't find one that struck his fancy. Turns out his fancy was a little too fancy for existing product, so he decided to make his own.

With convenient access to a machine shop, Achron went about making his dream HTPC a reality. There's a painstakingly-detailed log of his endeavour at the Hard Forum, following the process from concept to creation and all points in-between, complete with plenty of juicy machining porn. His shots of coolant splatter are downright filthy.

I need a cigarette.

See below for more glamor shots of this gorgeous creature, or hit up the link for all this and much, much more.

Scratch Project: Acronym [Hard Forum]


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