This Game Offers Discounts To Men Who Play As Men

This Game Offers Discounts To Men Who Play As Men

The Nival-helmed strategy game Prime World will encourage you to stick with your own gender by giving discounts to men who buy male characters and women who buy female characters.

“Basically we have discounts for some of starter characters depending on gender of a player,” Nival president Sergey Orlovskiy said in an email to Kotaku. “If you’re male you can get several male heroes cheaper, and if you’re female you’ll get some of female heroes cheaper. Point was not just to encourage playing characters of your own gender, but to encourage using some specific character roles in a game.”

Earlier today, The Penny Arcade Report reported that women would pay less for additional heroes in the upcoming strategy game. Nival has since made it clear that men will also pay less for male heroes.

In addition, groups that include both men and women will receive certain combat bonuses.

This seems like a bizarre decision by Nival. For various reasons, sometimes people just prefer playing characters of the opposite sex. But Prime World will determine your gender by asking you to connect your Facebook account to the game. So if you’re a girl who prefers to play as a boy or a boy who prefers to play as a girl, start prepping that dummy Facebook now.

Prime World to charge women less for extra heroes, and offer gender-based bonuses in combat [Penny Arcade]


  • The internet gives you a discount for representing yourself as yourself…what an odd thought.

      • We know, but maybe you should think twice before deciding that just because your man boobs are as big as her boobs you should be playing as a female character?

          • Ew, gross… what kind of pervert checks out their own character? That would be like checking out your own ass from the third-person.

          • Are you kidding me? I’d stare at my own arse all day in a video game if I could, somebody create this.
            Though my response should really be that it’s actually not; for as long as character creation has existed the idea has been that you -create- a character, not yourself. You’re implying that the majority of players actually recreate themselves in videogames, letalone that the game’s tools allow them to do so effectively.

  • Don’t people play MMO’s to be, you know, someone else? No-one uses their real name on there, you use nicknames. Seems like a dumb, dumb marketing idea to me.

  • Personally, i tend to play as female characters when im playing MMO’s. Reason is i normally play mage-type classes and the male mages always look incredibly gay.

    Examples you say?



    And the one that tops the list is Guild Wars 2, however i unfortunately cant find a screenshot of him.

    • in case i have offended anyone with the “incredibly gay” comment I sincerely apologise, i made the post before without reading it over. It should state extremely feminine.

      • It doesn’t offend me as I’m not gay (and don’t get offended easily). I also knew what you meant.
        But as I said, they don’t look like any gay guys I know, except maybe the second one, which doesn’t look gay or feminine, just purple.

  • What would be really cool; is if your in-game inventory had you credit card details and any game cash in it so when you got beat in a fight someone could steal your real life money and belongings!

  • Glad I’m not the only one who plays as their own gender. Still people shouldn’t be penalized for playing who they want to play as.

  • Being trans, the ability to roleplay as female was a major emotional release for me for most of my life. I know it’s a niche case, but where do people who don’t fit into a rigid gender binary fit into their plans?

    • Oh, you!
      We all know trans/fluid and otherwise don’t play vidyagaems. Don’t be silly!

      Really though, it would be difficult, if nigh-on impossible to cater for that particular clique. Clearly not the best strategy Nival could have gone with. While I’d like to see them attempt to accommodate the plethora genders/nulls out there, it is probably easier to scrap the idea entirely.

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