This Game Uses Not Just Kinect, But The Wii As Well

This Game Uses Not Just Kinect, But The Wii As Well

And what’s more, it looks awesome, because instead of just asking players to dance to pop music or sing like a teenage girl, it’s asking you to pop, lock and boogaloo your way to awesomeness.

It’s called WiiPop, and uses a combination of Wii Remotes (strapped to the player’s body) and Kinect’s camera to, well, let those with the requisite skills just cut loose.

I’m terrified as much by the game’s design (even if it is just a concept) as the dancing required, but hey, that’s what makes it so damn cool.

WiiPop Dancing Video Game [Site, via IndieGames]


  • That’s awesome, though I’d hesitate to call it a game. It’s more like the future of science. Clearly we’ve all been using microscopes incorrectly.

    • Say what you like, but at the end of the day its a dancing game that judges your rhythm and body control rather than just your ability to follow a predefined set of moves.

      I personally think this is awesome.

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