This Is A NES, But It's Also A Guitar And I Want To Buy It

I have an electric guitar at home. I rarely play it. I didn't really know why that was — why I owned an electric guitar buy never played the thing. Now I know — it wasn't a NES guitar. If it was a NES guitar, oh man, I would play that thing every bloody day!

I'm pretty sure this guitar is just a guitar, not a fully functioning NES (it apparently uses a NES 'case') but it still looks awesome. As a guitar? I'm sure it's pretty terrible considering how cheap it is, but it's a NES guitar!

Come on!

It looks as though they're currently sold out, but surely they'll have new stock soon.

NES Guitar [Get Lofi]

Thanks Cav!


    How awesome would it be if it WAS also a fully functioning NES! And if the POWER button made the guitar sound more METALLLLL

    Looks awesome. The guys should do a series with all the consoles. I imagine the PS3 Phat and the original XBOX will be really heavy.

    this thing would sound like arse (the wooden body of a guitar has a big impact on tone) but would you care!?!

    Insert different carts to activate different effects... I would buy that.

    If you had some sort of midi guitar pickup things on it it would be rad... But I'd hate the sound of a plastic bodied guitar... And I've put up with some baaaaad sounding axes in my time..

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