This Is Exactly How Google's Glasses Will Go Wrong

It's hard not to be at least a little wary of Google's cool new augmented-reality glasses prototype. I get distracted enough by my phone walking down the street as it is, and voice recognition on my Droid is more than a bit dodgy. Would blasting all that into my line of sight really help?

Internet person Tom Scott agrees, and has put together this very funny (though too short!) video depicting what would happen if a uncoordinated scatterbrain like me tried to use the Google Glassees while walking down the street.

Yup, pretty much.


    I'm thinking ads - lots and lots of ads

    Without an AI that can actually understand what you're saying/seeing you'll always need a Push-To-Talk button or toggle. Personally I'd love a system that mimiced World of Warcraft's Add-On functionality (build your own GUI). Couple that with a wrist watch click-wheel controller (that also acts as a PTT button) and I'm sold.

    I was wondering how long it would take until someone made a parody out of this!
    Not very long I see! heheheh

    haha "what? No, No cancel" "this request cannot be declined"

    Now that shit is true.

    I'm just wanting to know if the image I see on the inside of the glasses can be seen by everyone else looking at me... I.e. can I watch a movie on the inside of the glasses when I should be paying attention in a meeting? :P

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