This Is What 'Reddit In Real Life' Looks Like

Why in the world was there be a Reddit booth at a video game convention this past weekend?

A) To sell Reddit swag. (They did.) B) To draw lines of people. (They did.) C) To let Reddit workers meet real-life Redditors in the flesh. (They did.) D) To run a low-tech Reddit-in-real-life using magic markers and a whiteboard. (They did this, too.)

Reddit's Jena Donlin explains real-life, manual Reddit in the video here, which we shot this past weekend at PAX East in Boston. Don't fret if you missed it. Donlin says they'll be doing this more.


    I always imagined it to be like the mos eisley spaceport where stolen memes are hoarded

    Did kotaku take a few of the pieces of paper and make stories out of them?

    Did they turn up to steal other people's booths , put dirty great Reddit watermarks on them and attempt to pass them off as their own original content?

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