This Is When You Can Play Diablo III

Fans of Diablo will most likely be aware that Diablo III is set for release May 15. Sadly it looks as though there will be no midnight launches for Diablo III. It makes sense — because despite the fact that Aussies will be able to buy the game at retail from 9am, they won't be able to play until the servers open up, later that day.

For reference, this is when you'll be able to play Diablo III on May 15.

New Zealand Standard Time: 7:00 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time: 5:00 PM Australian Central Standard Time: 4:30 PM Australian Western Standard Time: 3:00 PM

This also applies to those who want to play single player, since Diablo III requires a constant connection to Blizzard's servers.

So, here's the plan. Head to the shops at 8am. Queue until 9. Buy game. Head home. Stare longingly at Diablo III box until 5pm.

Who's with me?


    I'll probably just get a direct download copy from Blizzard. Not exactly sure how quickly the client will download, but I can just hope that it will finish when I get home from work.

      100kbps download rate for SC2. Bout 20x quicker if you go to options and disable peer to peer.

        I redownloaded the client recently, I don't know if it's comparable because there will be significantly more people getting the D3 client (as opposed to the relative few getting SC2 SEA).

        In theory it should be just fine, but the servers are going to be very hammered.

      You can preload Diablo 3 bunny. Download the client from and you'll be good to go at 5pm!

        I'll get around to it at some point.

      if you purchase the game through you can pre-download the client.

      Finished my download from them yesterday. Averaged around 2MB/s :)

    Wont be able to play the game until after finishing work anyway so I think I'll manage. The real fun will be EB stuffing up my order and I get the game one or two days late! :p

    And this is what p**ses me off about always online connections for single-player games.
    Well one of the things.
    One of the other things will be when their servers crash (which they will) and you won't be able to play at all for the first few days.
    It is such a kick in the nether regions for fans and as usual those that do the illegal thing and pirate the game are left with a better customer experience then those that actually buy the game.

      "And this is what p**ses me off about always online connections for single-player games."

      I assume you're talking about the 'having to wait till 5pm' (which, for most of those who have jobs [and i'm not saying that you don't], doesn't really matter)The alternative is that the game releases here the next day. Would you prefer that? This is a textbook first world problem.

      "One of the other things will be when their servers crash (which they will) and you won’t be able to play at all for the first few days."

      Did you play the beta? I did. A lot of it. During that time I hit 2 seconds of rubber banding...twice 4 seconds of lag in over 8 hours of gameplay. I was one of the ones who didn't play D2 on battlenet because I couldn't stand the delay between swinging and hitting a monster. Trust me, the lag is fine. The whole reason they did the stress test was to make sure that the servers wouldn't crash when the game was released, and IMO it coped admirably. The people that couldn't connect were hitting the hardcap of 300k simultaneous users.

      "It is such a kick in the nether regions for fans and as usual those that do the illegal thing and pirate the game are left with a better customer experience then those that actually buy the game."

      Piracy isn't gonna do jack to this game. The game, even in 'single player mode' (which doesn't exist due to AWESOME instantaenous drop-in/drop-out multiplayer with friends), requires constant communication between the client and Blizzard servers. In order to make a successful pirate copy of this game, they're going to have to either find a way to fake confirmed copies AND confirmed accounts (pretty much impossible as the keys and games are tied to Battlenet ID's), OR rewrite the source code of the game so it doesn't require communication with battlenet servers, which would take a monumental effort, and even then potential pirates would be denying themselves the auction house, ladders, and even PvP in doing so. Is that really a "better customer experience"?

        seeing as some people don't care about AH, ladders and PVP...

          Show me your successfully pirated copy of Diablo 3, and i'll show you my hovercar, because the hovercar will undoubtedly be commercially available by the time that someone manages to rewrite the source code to the game that took Blizzard, a massive studio with a bottomless bankroll, 7+ years to develop.

            I think you're overcomplicating things somewhat.

            People just have to find a way to bypass the bit that authenticates the game. If Starcraft 2 LAN mods can exist while performing a similar function, it's only a matter of time before someone does the same for Diablo 3.

            The game will get pirated. I have no doubts about that. It's just a matter of how long it takes.

              Starcraft 2 is a multiplayer-centric game. There's no monster AI or item drop formulas. All that stuff for D3 is on blizzards servers, it wont be accessible.


            Man, STFU and learn something ... people like you said the same thing about WoW xDDDDD:


            what nobody gets is its a hell of a lot easier to just right a program to fake the communication with servers to the point that you could even set up your own servers

          You're deluding yourself if you think this game won't be pirated. SC2 was almost instantly after release and WOW servers didn't take long to pop up after its release. I've already purchased the game online but I will certainly be downloading a pirated version when it arrives so I can mess around with the game on my laptop in the many places I frequent where I don't have access to wifi. If it's just an authentication check for single player I may tether it to my phone but if it's anything else then that would get expensive very quickly.

            You're not understanding how this will work. EVERYTHING; monster AI, item info, characters and map randomisation formulae are all stored on blizzards servers. you can't access them. Sure someone can create a pirate copy of the game, but they would have to write-in how the monsters work, item drop formulas, character save info and more. The likelihood of this happening is low to nil. What is more likely is that people will create their own form of the game, with monsters behaving differently from the blizzard official version of the game.

        Oh I have a job. But this is what annual leave is for. :)
        I admit that in isolation this may seem a small issue but to me its a straw and camel situation.
        There are so many restrictions and potential issues with requiring an always on connection.
        Not just from the developers end but from the home end too.
        I don't play MMORPGs and I don't play multi-player in any game. I play computer games solely for escapism. If I waned to interact with my friends I would do so in real life. Which I do constantly.
        Unfortunately I didn't play the beta despite many attempts to get a key. :)
        The fact is though many games that have come out requiring an always on connection or even a connection for authentication have suffered major issues on their first day. And I assume they also ran all the appropriate tests. I am not saying that there will be problems and I will gladly admit being wrong if it goes smoothly. However, given past track record for this sort of thing I am not holding my breath.
        And your points about auction house, ladders, PVP etc is again based on the assumption that I want any of that. I don't. In fact I will go one step further. If there is no way to make sure that I can play this in single mode (i.e. not have friends drop in whenever they want) I won't even buy the game.
        Diablo was one of the last great hold-outs from the multi-player and socialising push of computer games. That's why I loved it, that's why I invested so many hours into it.And I'm not the only one.
        I am not calling for a removal of all multi-player options but give people the choice in how they want to play the game.

          This exactly how I play and exactly how I feel too. I have a PC which runs Skyrim on Max yet the Diablo 3 open beta was unplayable for me. I know the servers and conditions will be different at launch but why risk our single player gaming experience?

          I have read somewhere about an offline mode, let's hope it is an option.

    Here's a new plan for you Mark.
    Buy it online, Pre-download today, Stay warm at home and play at 5pm.
    You're going to be away from the outside world for a few days, why ruin it by having to go to the shops?

    The weird thing I found with the D3 weekend beta was that I was getting rubber-band-style lag in single player - when it connected at least.

    But this means I can still download and install D3 right? Just can't play till 5:00pm AES?

    People need to get over the whole always connected thing.
    D2 was full to the brim of hacked weapons and gear. At least it will stop this from happening.

      I agree. I would rather not play for a few hours every now and then, I the alternative is an experience full of cheaters

        How would a single player experience be full of cheaters?

          The same way D2 was full of cheaters.

            Don't get me wrong, I see your point, that a single player game is only full of cheaters if you yourself are cheating, but I hated that feeling that all that stuff i'd slaved over the computer for, someone else had it already cause their friend somehow got it and knew how to dupe.

      Which is relevant only to those that play multi-player.
      If you don't then why is this an issue?
      Sure with multi-player you have to be connected but I still fail to understand why the necessity is there for that in a single player game.
      I will grant you that maybe an initial activation may be required and for that you need to be on-line but an always on connection for a single player game is ridiculous.

      No - during the open beta it was a PITA being disconnected constantly. It was frustrating more than enjoyable. If that's any indication of the final product, then... I won't be a happy camper. However I really like the game.

        Lag and getting disconnected in a single player game is just bad design.

          See, that's the whole point. Single player doesn't really exist anymore. You can close your game to the public, but people on your friends list can always instantly drop in/drop out. Maybe there's an option where you can disable that, i'll admit I didn't really look for it (because WHY?), but as far as I can see the only way to ensure that the game 'single player' is to not open it up to the public (very understandable), and have 0 people on your friends list.

        During the whole beta, I got forcibly disconnected ONCE from the game, and that was with notices at 10, 5 ,2, and 1 minute saying 'The game will go down in X minutes'. Blizzard won't fix an unstable internet connection, which is what your problem sounds like :(

      I played Diablo II in singleplayer and on LAN, so your point is moot.

    Surely instead of staring longingly at the box, you could spend the time until you can play the game you purchased writing extensive rants about the shitty nature of always on DRM and/or looking for cracked pirate copies just to see how many people are stealing and enjoying that which you've paid for & can't use.

    So why not just sell it when stock comes in then? Won't really make a difference if you can't play it yet.

      By George he has a point there.........

    Sometimes its good things like this happen so regular australians can take a few moments to realise we are not the center of the universe.

      I think we're made aware that we're not the centre of the universe quite often.

      That's exactly right... America is the centre of the universe!

      waaaaaait :-\


      Did you faceroll your keyboard for that reply? Just wondering because it really makes no sense to me what so ever.

    Why is it everyone hates Ubisoft for their always on DRM, but so many people are willing to defend Blizzard for the same thing?

      Because Blizzard's has a purpose. There is real money being transferred inside this game. Can you not see the colossal amount of shit that would go down if people were paying REAL money for items that they found out were duped? "Oh, you paid $10 for that axe 2 days after launch? Oh, well now because of duping, 10,000 of those exist and it's now worth 1 cent. Better luck next time."

        Oh yeah I forgot some idiots pay real money for in game items.

        Worst justification ever. It doesn't even come close to covering the mutlitude of problems is generates. And thats assuming you even need such an economy in a single player (or coopP game, which I am not even remotely convinced you do.

      Blizzard Fanboys.... They are everywhere, defending everything they do.
      Even tho technically its Activision pulling the strings now days, which ironically 'everyone' hates.

    Woo! West Aussies technically get it first! Even though it's actually the same time!


    The problem is Blizzard want the single player characters to not really be single player at all. They want you to be able to use those characters and their items online. Which is great!
    Except that you can't play the game should something go wrong with your internet - or theirs.

    I wish they had made it so you could play a completely offline character. This character would have no way of going online ever, it would solve a lot of problems - the complaints, the hacked item potential. Sure, people could still hack their characters, but it wouldn't effect a thing. They'd be ruining the game for themselves and nobody else.

    But I guess in the end it doesn't matter* very much at all. In all the years of owning Diablo 2 I don't think I ever played through the game alone more than once. Maybe a few goes at Act 1 by myself, but online was always the place for me.

    *to me, personally, and only me

    I think I'm skipping this one until a sale, without the Diablo label I would never even buy it.
    Game's mediocre, always online is disgraceful and I have never played such an unsatisfying game in my life aside from Superman 64.
    It just reeks of "press a button, something awesome has to happen".

      What didn't you enjoy about the beta?

        It was ridiculously easy, no this being the first half of act 1 isn't an excuse, I never even felt slightly threatened, at the start of Diablo 1 you have the Butcher who can and will kill you as well as some pretty nasty elites in Diablo 2 that may not kill you, but they'll put fear into you. I never even had to use a single potion throughout the beta after I finished it 3 times with different classes.
        Ontop of this the graphics are outright bad, and the art style doesn't jive well with me, it seems cartoony and the blur over everything stands in direct contrast to the clean textures of Diablo 1&2.
        The music is done by a different composer, not a single piece stands out so far as memorable and they put out a different mood to the earlier games despite still being set in Tristam.
        Removing potion spamming and skill swaping literally reduces the gameplay to left and right click to win.
        The lag in multiplayer is more than noticable to the point where my friends and I could point out noticable amounts every minute or two, and even the single player had lag which was just pathetic.
        In short it feels like they just put the always online on there so their cash shop would be more secure and they dumbed the game down to the point where it presents no challenge to my 9 year old sisters who play their games on the Wii.

          Nice rant Alex :p

          I so remember dying a few times on the Butcher. I found the shoot and run tactic to be the best even if I was playing a melee character. And yeah some of the first D2 fights could be hairy.
          I am really disappointed to hear how they seem to have dumbed it down. No skill swapping? WTF? I hare to say it but it looks very much like it has been designed so that 12 year olds can play it on their xbox / ps3. Which totally loses the feeling of the game. I was prepared to forgive it the art direction they took but it sounds more and more like they have killed what made Diablo such a great game. I am now seriously considering whether it is worth buying it. :\

          Most of those points are valid. All of them, maybe.

          I also found that it was way too easy. But I'm hoping it'll ramp up.
          Not a fan of the artstyle, huh? Me neither. Way too WoW instead of more "realistic" for lack of a better word, that the first two games were.
          The music though, yeah it's not memorable. But outside of Tristram, how many of D1/2s tracks were memorable? Honestly, I was just happy that New Tristram's music was similar to Tristram, and that some of the lower Cathedral musics sounded similar to the Diablo 1 dungeon music.
          I don't know what to say about the gameplay. I guess it has been reduced by removing the hotkey spells, but it won't take very long until we have 1,2,3 and 4 to use as well. I know it doesn't quite make up for the reduction though.

          About the lag though, it WAS a stress test. I know that might not sound like an excuse but hopefully by the full game it won't be so bad. And do remember we were playing on the American server, I imagine most Australians will be playing on the much closer Asia servers by May 15th. I experienced a few cases of lag, and my friend who had Adam Internet encountered severe lag during onpeak hours, which is apparently a fault of the ISP rather than anything he could control. Not to mention whatever your home setup might be,

          I'm not expecting to convince you, but I personally think the game will get better past the part of act 1 we experienced. Hell, I had fun, with the past games and with the beta, so I'm expecting nothing but good times from D3. And while there were faults, you have to admit they made a lot of good changes too. I particularly like how the item drops are unique to each person so no random can just steal everything from you. And the quest system, so that if someone runs ahead and does everything, you can just do it again like it was never done. Those are great features, IMO.

          At the very least down the road you should go to a mate's house and play it there, see if you can't enjoy it a little more after some time has passed.

    1 - cash in time owed at work
    2 - go home early & pickup collectors edition
    3 - get home and install
    4 - play game till eyeballs melt

      3.5 - wait for servers to come back up after millions of people simultaneously try to log in and melt the servers :P

    REALLY!!!! God damn DRM crap. I never pirate anything and it is being painful.

    Why can't people in Australia play it from midnight EST on and people in America play it from midnight on PST etc. I don't care if it is the one server or too hard they make billions.
    I took the day off and can't change it to Wednesday otherwise I would but it is irrelevant it's still BS drm always on crap.

    I foresee offline play being a possible future patch/expansion feature.

    I.e you take an existing character which is created online and tag it as an offline character that can never be played online again. ever.

    I got into the beta 2 weeks ago and really (surprisingly) enjoyed it. It's not something I had a huge interest in really.

    This isn't going to be good for me at all. I can only play at work, and if i need constant internet then i'll have to tether my phone. I'm only interested in single player... and to top it off it's going to eat up my data. Great..

    What about those of us stuck with less than adequate internet connections? I cannot play any online games aside from trackmaina because of the massive amounts of lag. I don't want to have to wait 800ms for every action to occur in the game (if what people are saying about this is true). I for one am waiting for a cracked version just so I can play it as it was intended to be played, without the game dropping out just because my modem lost the connection to the satellite for a few minutes.

    Before anyone flames me, I live so far out in the sticks that most radio signals don't reach me, which means I don't even get regular TV, or mobile phone reception.

    Wow I do hope the retailers are explaining this to consumers, I would've gone home and got so annoyed.

    if D3 wont include an offline option for single player, either I will wait an offline crack or won't even bother to buy it, there are other nice rpg single player games out there. I am a single player fun, always played D1 and D2+exp in solo campaign. I have internet and a fast one, but hate the fact that: I give my money for the f** game, but you Blizzard decide how you want me to play it,make me conditioned by if my connection or your connection sucks ect. I was always a Diablo fun, but if the mess with my 'wants' they lost me as customer.

    if you don't wanna wait til 5pm
    there is one way
    d3 is global
    it means that you can access to any server (us,asia,europe)

    asia server is opening at 1am (5/15)
    so it's gonna be 2am in sydney

    1.go to blizzard
    2.create an account
    3.pre purchase
    5.wait til 2am

    Step 1 download crack version of diablo 3
    Step 2 ?
    Step 3 wait for crack to play offline like you should be able to
    Step 4 buy a game that deserves your money without bs connection requirements
    Step 5 profit

    2. things
    1. australien internet is a joke, sometimes its like living in a 3rd world country. (are they even gonna make a diablo server here?)
    2. people who think this game cant be hacked are soo fucking retarded its hard to imagine.

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