This Map Shows All The Places Nathan Drake Has Been

All the places he's been since we've been in control of his good self, at any rate.

Posted by Sony yesterday, the map contains some standard infographic stuff, but also a handy guide to just where Drake's travels have taken him across four games. It's...not that far, really!

You should come to Australia next time, Nathan. The beaches are lovely, the people are friendly, and nobody looks twice at a man with such sloppy shirt-tucking standards.


    "The people are friendly"?

    I don't think Luke reads the Australian comments on his articles.

      Luke is Australian. He lives in Australia.

        Exactly...all the more reason for him to actually read the comments on Kotaku AU :P

    I they'll have to rename the franchise 'Charted', seeing as that's what they've now officially done...

      ??? What are you talking about ?
      No proof

    And, of course, the wildlife is more deadly than any generic *insert race here* goon. Actually, you could have a pretty good Uncharted story based on the Bradshaws and the possibility that a lost civilisation painted them.

      Throw in some drop bears here and a bunyip there... yup. Perfect.

        Don't forget the yowies and hoop snakes!

    Come on Drake! Come to our beaches and see a bunch of bogans wearing fluro singlets, covered in tattoos and drunk in public! Come along to Australia, it's real nice!

    I'm surprised there's so many Liberian players...

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