This Might Be The Only Way A Live-Action Pac-Man Movie Could Ever Work

Production company Steelhouse and writer James Farr have just answered one of life's greatest questions: How do you make a live-action film about a yellow ball with eyes that runs about a maze eating dots and ghosts without resorting to a man in a giant foam suit?

The trick, it seems, was keeping Pac-Man a virtual creation, but extending his influence into the real world. In this compelling modern-day sci-fi thriller the scientists of the Maze Compound are hard at work in an underground lab somewhere in the Nevada desert, creating the latest and greatest in remote-controlled weapons technology.

Joystick? Check. Big yellow sphere that eats dots and ghosts? Check. Cheese? Minimal.

The official website calls Pac-Man The Movie "the greatest 80s movie never made". They might be on to something.

Project Yellow Sphere [Official Website]


    How much funding do we need? TAKE ALL MY MONEY

    At the start, I was like, " thanks."
    By the end, I was all, "Oh hell yes. That's just rad."

    so does he escape the facility and start snacking on humans instead?


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