This Minecraft Recreation Of Final Fantasy VII's Midgar Is Absurdly Detailed

From Shinra HQ to Wall Market, it's all there. Final Fantasy VII's capital city of Midgar. In its entirety. File this one under "Holy S**t".

You can even download the map for yourself. Check the YouTube description.

Minecraft Midgar!!! [YouTube]


    You people are all insane.

    Big things like this are always awesome, but this model is pretty inaccurate. I drew a Midgar sprite recently for a project I'm working on, and I went through hell finding enough reference pictures to get enough detail for that. Sure, you can get the general size of the city and Shinra HQ, but in terms of the buildings in the city and the slums underneath - most of that hasn't been shown in detail ingame or in anything released to the public.

    Some people are just absurdly crazy

    It may not be acuarte but to build something on that scale .... damn!!!!

    When I first saw stuff like this it was awesome, but now it just terrifies me. Still if they like doing the like doing it I suppose

    Looks pretty inaccurate, but it's freakin' impressive!

    I think they really need a different texture pack here. They just didn't really capture the look of Midgar. And where we're the recognisable places like the markets and the playground and the church? If they were in that video then the builders have failed to capture the look of them because I didn't spot them.

    ^^^ I say, A bunch of the hues are definitely off and leave me rather sour, and the saturation just doesn't deliver that FF7 feeling. Some mellow hum yellows where some of the iron blocks are would really have expressed the essence and soul of noticeable elements of Midgar. And some sullen deep greens would most definately have traversed the sort of 'grimey' look that Midgar commonly encompassed.

    I wish their a 3d rpg maker with adobe 3d.

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