This Mona Lisa Optical Illusion Will Blow Your Mind

On your right is Leonardo's Mona Lisa. On your left is a mirror image of the painting with a manga image stuck in her eye. Move back from your monitor? Does it disappear?

If you move further back (like a metre or two from your screen), the manga will completely disappear into her face. Check out the smaller image for reference.

This Manga Optical Illusion Will Blow Your Mind

The manga is from 1990s macho manga Baki the Grappler and depicts character Retsu Kaioh — or, rather, Mona Lisa's eye.

めちゃくちゃ笑った画像を掲載していきます [@gazo_waraeru via a href="">ロケットニュース]


    That's crazzyyyyyy!

    Oh come the fuck on man. Seriously? People can still defend this guy even after posts like this? This has nothing to do with video games, and the vaguest of all fucking vague links to anime. Fire bashcraft immediately.

      meh... no one forced you to click/read... blah blah and all that...

      There is nothing wrong with the occasional random, this is completely random and the header was right, it did blow my mind... I couldn't see the Manga at all even at the beginning so I agree with Eden...

      That’s crazzyyyyyy!

        Its far from the occasional random though. I don't understand how the US site stay afloat in the absence of the Australian team who produce most of the content worth reading.

        I come here, hoping for an announcement on a new IP or a sequel that I've been waiting on, or maybe wanting to read an article worth my time that invokes thought and interesting discussion, or maybe a review of a new release. Instead the writer's time is spent clicking absently on the net for stupid "LOL WOW LOOK AT THIS ITS AWESOME" images that I would normally get off Twitter or some other site. Maybe if Bashcraft spent more damn time actually using his brain and using his supposed writing skills to invoke intelligent discussion, instead of just groping for something on the web that might get a couple of page views.

        If you want more of this rubbish go to another site. This is not the aim of this site (supposedly, *sigh*).

          Might I add that Kotaku AU does not stoop to this pathetic level. AU's articles are generally interesting, well thought-out and fun to read. Just a shame there are like, 3 writers for AU.

            Articles like this one lower the entire quality and reputation of the site, and this reflects on every other writer who is actually capable of interesting or thought provoking posts. That's why they need to go, they might interest some people sure, but so do cats and would a post about lolcats be suitable?

            I agree with Steven & Toasty Fresh.

            I'm not opposed to the Cosplay articles (when there aren't several per day) but random 'articles' like this is just a waste of time & space. Do many people actually find this crap a worthwhile read / view / click ?

          All websites want to keep their patronage, obviously the US is a completely different market to what we might all want... obviously we all want great announcements and all that, but Kotaku isn't really in control of that, there could be weeks without any real info announcements, they publish something every 30mins or so, so they need something to fill in the gaps, expecting 100% thought provoking stories is a complete fantasy, the team would have to triple or more in size.

          Perhaps the answer is to stop the frequency of the posts, but that means less clicks if viewers are only coming to the site once or twice a day, instead of 5-6 times, the site is run by advertising, so their numbers will drop, advertisers are simply going to move to a more traffic orientated site and Kotaku could simply die. Look at IGN, not just a game site anymore, they do TV, Movies, and photo shoots, etc.

          As for telling me to find a different site if I want more rubbish? Get over it seriously, this website ultimately hasn't changed over the years, I don't click what isn't interesting to me and I'm not a apologist for Bashcraft, but as mentioned nothing has changed

          2009 -
          2009 -
          2008 -
          2007 -

          I'm sure if I were to look at other US staff I'd find similar posts that have loose gaming ties or none at all. If you really just want the AU side of the website, then you can do that.

            If they're worried about losing advertisers they need to do the right thing and produce better content, instead of resorting to just "LOL FUNNY IMAGE CLICK HERE". Common sense dictates "Losing customers? Lift your game", but with Kotaku US, it's "Losing viewers? Find a shiny thing that will get them to click a page to scrape those last page views out of the barrel". It's not as if the site will die of bankruptcy because they got rid of a couple stupid pages that were basically a secondary thing.

            As for those other links, hey, at least they're SOMEWHAT related to videogames, you know, they have some sort of point or ironic gag (except that Pikachu one, what the hell).

            The main problem is that these idiots posing as writers have too much free reign over what they can and can't post. They need some sort of moderator to say what are and are not acceptable articles so shit like this gets filtered out. Maybe a quota of words they need to fill by the end of each day.

              I never stated they were worried about losing advertisers, it's was an example, in the back of advertisers minds they are only interested in 1 thing, getting their product seen. So there is a very high chance that the advertisers don't give a shit about what Kotaku actually post, all they know is they or care about is that Kotaku get "X" visits per day and a very high "Y" percentage of them are in their key demographic.

              My above example was mainly directed at the US side of things, but with the increased community here that has slowly built up from the Wildgoose and prior days, I'm sure Allure is very happy with all the additional clicks they get with people running into a link and posting "I hate you Luke", etc...

              The fact of the matter is though, even though we are here on Kotaku AU, 95% of the content is driven by the US, so the content they are producing is for their market, not ours or anyone elses, if it's working for them in the US, that's all that matters. You also speak of free reign on what they can and can't post, they have editors over there, so take the 2 most hated US site authors, Plunkett and Ashcraft, they do report to someone in a higher position, Ashcraft posts borderline porn with his cosplay articles and Plunkett has his moments also. They are also 2 of the sites longest lasting authors now, if they were posting that wasn't within their acceptable guidelines (Gawker) then they would have been fired by now.

              So unless Allure Media drastically changes their agreement with Gawker (to use the content of Kotaku US for it's AU portal as well as producing local relevant content), this is not going to change any time soon.

      You need a tea and a lie down. Your interests are NOT the same as everyone else who reads Kotaku

        Oh, I didn't realise that people came here to read the obscure, vague references and 5-sentence "articles".

        No, I don't generally click on these but this is stupid and pointless.

          My point was more along the lines of "just because you don't like it, and some others don't like it, doesn't mean EVERYBODY doesn't like it"
          Me, I obviously don't mind these 5 sentence articles. The guy I was responding to I thought was getting aggro over something that really wasn't worth getting aggro over. Kotaku releases heaps of articles each day - more than enough to keep most people occupied without looking at the 2 sentence articles.

    Most overrated painting in the whole world.

      Not really. Back then it was amazing. Sure by todays standards its pretty poor but painting technique has come a long way since then. It was the first painting to have eyes that follow you and the first that actually looked "3D". You should read about how he did the eyes something like 20 different layers to give the realistic look

    Cool illusion, but it was kinda spoiled by the thumbnail image on the main site :)

    And if you continue to move further back posts like these disappear as well :)

    This didnt blow my mind it just made me think she looked like a cat in the picture.

    ...and then Kotaku went back to moderating all comments before publication, and the trolls wondered why...

    Man I really wish I could get paid to trawl the internet and post single paragraph articles on random images I find.

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