This NBA Kinect Game Is A Joke, Right? Right?

Majesco has tonight unveiled a teaser trailer for an upcoming game called NBA Baller Beats. It is... look, just watch the clip.

That's rapper Common narrating the trailer. The aim of the game is to bounce a basketball — in your living room — in time with the music, then when certain prompts appear, perform some kind of a basketball move. Like Guitar Hero. Only... with a basketball. A real one. In your living room.

I watched this three times convinced it was a joke, but nope. There's a USA Today piece on it, which adds the game will feature music from "Kanye West, Gorillaz, Run-DMC, Skrillex, Common, Tiësto and Them Crooked Vultures", and that it'll feature full NBA licensing.

Amazing. Majesco, you're either crazy or have balls of steel. Basketballs of steel.


    Half the games that get announced for Kinect seem to produce this "Is this a joke?" reaction. And when they finally arrive we usually end up wishing they HAD been a joke.

    broken TVs inc

    Two quick problems I see with this:
    1. Living in an apartment above people.
    2. Carpet.

    This would actually be pretty popular in my apartment.

    Don't bounce a ball inside the house! Especially in front of the TV!

    Dumb idea is dumb.

    is this is real, its odd that their is no game play footage AT ALL in this trailer. for a game.

    This is why I hate the Kinect, so.. so much. Future of gaming, my ass.

    there a simple explanation, they made a deal with tv (and other furniture and houseware) makers

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