This New York Times Flash Game Allows You Shoot At Comments And Advertising

I don't know if this is some sort of advertising, or just a bizarre comment on video games themselves, but this New York Times article, which is titled 'Just One More Game...' actually has a primitive video game embedded within the article which enables players to actually shoot the webpage into oblivion — the comments, the advertising, almost everything.

Given that the article itself is about one man's re-descent into video game obsession, it's a pretty interesting commentary. That said, I just enjoyed shooting the comments. I'm going to guess you guys/girls will get most enjoyment from destroying the ads!

Just One More Game... [New York Times]

Thanks Laura!


    Seems similar to this, although that one works on any website.

      i posted the same thing on the Kotaku US version of this article

        This person appears to have posted it on the Australian version.

    Could they develop one for PDF documents? There are a few journal articles from my sociology class I'd like to destroy by manically shouting DIE DIE DIE!

    It's not a Flash game (it's "HTML5", JavaScript and DOM)

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