This PAX East Billboard Blows Everyone's Sick-Day Cover Story

Most of Boston's PAX convention happens over a weekend, making it easier for working stiffs to attend. But it starts on a Friday, which can be a bit tricky for anyone with a day job. Most years, it's probably easy enough to just call in sick and hope your boss doesn't follow gaming that closely.

"Why are all these people in town? Why are they all dressed up in these weird costumes? Oh well, who knows."

Unfortunately for anyone planning to pull that trick this year, the folks who put up this giant sign have outed you. Hilariously.


Image from Twitter via Chris Avellone.


    But its good Friday..... no one should be working, its a holiday? Doesn't America get public holidays?

    No, Good Friday and Easter Monday ate not public holidays in the US.

      Didnt know that. I was under the assumption they would have since most of their media and politicians are always hurrrr hurrring about something to do with jebus, or something about why were all going to hell. So glad I dont live there.

      Guess it's an attempt to make up for the other bajillion holidays they have.

    that's very interesting considering how Pro Christian most of the US is.

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