This Real Metal Gear Can Now Climb Stairs

We first told you about this project last year, but DARPA's new FastRunner - which bears an unsettling resemblance to something from the Metal Gear universe - has come on in leaps and bounds since then. Quite literally.

In this clip, you can see the robot take off up a bunch of stairs, its muscular legs shooting it up as fast as you'd expect a human to manage the feat.

Nothing on Earth scares me more than the image in my head of one of these, armed, chasing me through a ruined town.

Unless it had a shark's head on it.

For something in a similar vein, albeit a few decades older, check out this feature on another "real" Metal Gear from the 1960s.

[via Laughing Squid]


    At least when the robot uprising begins, we'll be able to hear them coming. Now all we need to do is remove any walls so they can't steady themselves while climbing stairs.

    That is some scary ****. Either these guys haven't seen Terminator, or they've seen too much of it.

    They gave the second bot rubber stumps for hands so that it can't beat them to death for making it do pushups.

    The last clip made me think he was walking with a pimp swagger.

    That's all we need. Robot pimps.

      We'll need them to handle the robo-prostitutes

    the first steps to an army of andys

    I reckon the Sand Flea is scarier. That one doesn't need to climb the stairs - it just jumps all the way up. And then all its tiny buddies scoot into your house, swarm into your bed and digest you alive for fuel.

    The video is in the related videos for the Metal Gear one.

    Has good taste in shoes too. Nice shoes

    Are they ever going to develop an internal power source for these things? GL using it with a power cord trailing behind it :P
    Reminds me of the EVA's in evangelion where they had to keep plugging in extension cords located around the city! lol

    Goodbye far/middle east when these things go mass production....

    That guy who pushes the robot... PLAYING WITH EFFIN FIRE!!!

    only just watched these vids from newest to this one and this by far is the worst, you could put those sounds in a horror movie. The fucking thing grabbed a wall for support that shows analytical thought, we're all fucked.

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