This Season, Women's Fashion Is Inspired By...Video Games

Well, this might be the best thing I've seen all week. Console to Closet is a blog taking the stars of the video game world and creating fashionable outfits based on them. It isn't cosplay. These are real clothes. It's fashionable cosplay.


Yes, I like that.

From Samus to Lara Croft, Phoenix Wright to a very sexy GlaDOS, there's a matching set of shoes, accessories and colour schemes to most people's favourite video game characters. Follow the links on Console to Closet and you'll even be able to buy just about everything pictured.

The collections are the work of Amanda, who also blogs at Assassionista and who is a keen cosplay artist.

You can see more examples at Console to Closet below.

Console to Closet [Tumblr, thanks Brett!]


    I'm outside the target market and I'm not exactly up on fashion but I don't really get this. Looks to me like its regular clothes in colours that also happen to be shared by game characters; "The aliens from space invaders were white, this shirt is white, therefore this is my space invaders shirt"

      Well yeah, that's the idea. It's OUTFITS inspired by gaming characters, not specially designed items of clothing.

      If by "regular clothes in colours that also happen to be shared by game characters" you mean, these clothes weren't made specifically with videogames in mind. No shit. They're just collages made by someone who likes videogames and fashion.

        It just seems an exceptionally tenuous link is all

          I agree with you, but in this case it's the subtle references that makes this noteworthy in the first place.

    As realistically non-videogamish thiese really are (those clothes have no link to femshep at all), I really must say that glados outfit just looks FABULOUS!

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