This Sure Does Look Like A Tease Of SSX Tricky

This Sure Does Look Like A Tease Of SSX Tricky

Yesterday, the official Facebook page for SSX tossed up that splash image, and the deliberately-worded caption underneath sounds very much like SSX Tricky has a hand in the snowboarding title’s upcoming DLC release.

“SSX fans have shown their love for the game’s rich history,” the game’s makers said. “We love that history as well, and that’s why we’re excited to be bringing some classic elements to the newest SSX release in our upcoming DLC release. We’ll be letting you know more on Monday, but for now we’re off to launch some fireworks in celebration.”

As commenter DocSeuss points out “That’s Elise in her Tricky outfit!”. That, plus the fireworks and lights, signals that the PS2/GameCube/Xbox hit is on its way back, in some form. Stay tuned.


  • Hopefully by “classic elements” means the implementation real-time multiplayer online and split-screen.

  • Now all they need to do is fix the rest of the game.
    It’s nothing like the old SSX games, and it feels horrible to play.

    I feel like I have almost no control over my rider.
    You can do all sorts of tricks off a simple jump and stop them mid-trick mere inches from the ground and still ‘land’ fine.
    It’s almost impossible to actually crash and fall over.
    None of the tracks flow very well… and the Deadly Descent stages are rubbish.

    I regret buying it so much… RIP SSX.

      • How’s your reading comprehension there, chief?

        I’m not bad at it. The game is easy, and essentially; that’s my complaint.
        They dumbed it down to the point where it just feels horrible.

        No matter what you do, it’s almost impossible to be bad at it.

        The older SSX games felt solid.
        They took a bit of time to get decent at… took time to learn the game.
        You do a trick too close to the ground, you don’t finish it and you crash.

        This series reboot, you can pull off signature ‘tricky’ moves mere meters off the ground and stop a split second before you land and magically you land upright, fine, and facing the right direction.

        The new SSX is so dumbed down control-wise that it’s just boring and annoying, and the courses are bland, uninspired rubbish. It needs more ‘focused’ courses with split paths in between open mountain.

        Take SSX 3 for example (the series peak), the game was almost perfect.
        All they had to do was replicate and expand on that with bigger, better courses… more character customization, and less bullshit excuse for a story and they’d have a winner.

    • I thought this game was awesome. I thought the way the character flowed down the mountain was great and although I will agree some of the courses didn’t flow particularly well, New Zealand was freaking awesome!

      Agreed – the storyline was a bit rubbish and its pretty difficult to stack it after you have played for a while. Its also pretty damn hard to get super high scores and roll your tricks together when on a difficult run. I really likely the avalanche levels as well.

      I think PunkDrunk is on the money. Split Screen and live multi please.

  • Hmmm i quite enjoy the game to be honest. Something different to play other than all the shooters on the market.

  • I’m not going to buy anymore games on release.
    I’m sick of plonking down a premium $ only to get gouged again a month later.

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