This Terminator Figure Looks So Real It'll Ask For Your Clothes, Boots & Motorcycle

Hot Toys brings the creepy realness once more with this Terminator 2 figure, which aside from some cute little zippers has a likeness to Arnold Schwarzenegger that borders on the terrifying.

Standing 12.5" and coming with a ton of accessories (including gloves, alternate hands, four guns and a detachable hole in his head), the thing's eyeballs even track you while you rotate the figure in your hands.

It's out in October, and will sell for around $US230. Check in later in the year with your favourite comic shop or online toy retailer!


    From certain angles, that's spot on! From front on though, it misses the mark a bit. Like it's Arnold's brother or something.

      Exactly what I thought, some angles it's just weird.. but others it's awesome!

    Definitely doesn't look exactly like him.
    I'd say it passes for a brother too.

    Looks more like Jeffrey Donovan from burn notice in the top picture

      "BECAUSE...I'm a Terminator."
      "And Sam?"
      "Kills the Evil Dead when not using his cover at S-Mart."

    That's like Arnolds mid 20s younger brother.

    People are right on the money that it looks like a bother than really him.

    Now I want to watch T2 again, tho I cant stand John Connors voice and especially his squeal, that haunts me when I sleep.

    KOTAKU, where people come to discuss action figures!

    (Wait, wasn't the main goal VIDEO GAMES?)

      Sigh... Yes, because we're that pedantic about every single article that gets posted... There's absolutely no cross over between pop culture and video games whatsoever.

    Hey i'll go get some quarters!"

    Okay so I have an idea. Why can't Luke just have one whole article every other day, which rolls all of his "relatively cool shit I've found on the internet" into the same article. I'm being totally serious.

    yeah everything else looks good just his face sculpture cold of looked better. check out sideshows Terminator 1 , best likeness yet.

    So much win, but yeah he looks like Arnold, but a bit younger :P but the transition to action figures is never perfect, being plastic and all, its a good job lol.

    Looks better than the paper mache arnie head from the first movie when he's taking out his eye though.

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